About Sudobits Blog

A Blog dedicated to provide some news, updates, reviews, tip ‘n tricks related to Free Softwares/open source applications, including – Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc, web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. Around five years ago I started using open source softwares, then I wanted to start a blog on free and open source stuffs (news, tips, frameworks etc), so I started this blog in April 2010, and it has been read by over 4.9 million people! (As on 31 July 2015).

The blog uses WordPress, a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) and it’s hosted at Digital Ocean (If you signup using my referral link you would receive two months of free hosting in your DO acount), a great VPS company, they’ve SSD plans starting at $5/mo – read more at : Digital Ocean Review).

Founder and Editor

I’m Ramesh Jha. I’m the founder and editor of Sudobits Blog! I am a GNU/Linux (distribution : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) user and a Web Developer (my recent projects : http://fd-calculator.in, http://cpm-calculator.net and https://xpstopdf.net. Also this one : Words with Friends Cheat ) from India. I enjoy learning and exploring Free and Open Source Softwares/Technologies/Tools. And that’s the reason why I started this blog. Later, I also started writing about some web development frameworks, programming, tools etc.

My Passions : Learning , Meditation, Blogging, Programming (mostly web), Listening Music (Old Hindi songs (especially Kishore Kumar), Indian classical music and many more )..*.

You can read more  About Me Here.

Why do I promote Free Softwares ‘n’ Open source ?

The reason is very simple because Free Softwares respect our (Human) freedom by giving us the right to use (learn, change, update, share etc) the software, the way we want without any damn F***ing restrictions.

Open source means – source code is available openly for everybody and they are free (by free I mean freedom, although it’s the different fact that most of the Free/open source softwares do not cost anything) to play with that.

What is the Point ?

Free Softwares for the sake of Humanity” => To learn/explore/share/../ on Free Softwares so that more people can benefit from it.

What do I write About : 

  • operating system such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc
  • Free Applications/Softwares e.g VLC
  • Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome etc
  • Android Apps and Tips for newbies
  • WordPress tips and Tricks!
  • Helpful How to Tips for beginners
  • Programming (Ruby, Rails, C, Java, Python etc) Tips for beginners
  • Free and Open Source Tools (e.g git)

You can contact me here : ramesh at rameshjha.com.

Exploring FOSS for Fun :-)