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Firefox 22 is released!

Mozilla Firefox v 22 is out! Checkout the release notes for more info. It has come with lots of new features/improvements such as support for new HTML5 elements, improved WebGL performance, new APIs for web notifications, security fixes and more!


What’s new in Firefox 22 ?

  • WebRTC enabled by default
  • you can control HTML5 audio or video playback rate
  • asm.js is optimized for better performance
  • built in font inspector
  • CSS3Flexbox enabled by default
  • new HTML5 elements (date and time)


Ubuntu/Linux Mint users can update the firefox through the regular update, using Update Manager or terminal –

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

So, try out the latest version of firefox and share your experience . :-)


Top 10 Firefox add-ons for web developers

Mozilla Firefox has some cool developer tools (Style Editor, Scratchpad, Debugger, Responsive Design View, Inspect(3D view) and more) by default, but you can further extend them with some of the great add-ons/extensions listed here.

1. Firebug

Firebug has lot of useful features (edit, debug, monitor your code in live mode) that makes web development much easier. It’s a must have add-on for web developers.

Download Firebug

2. Rainbow Color Tools

it provides a bunch of color tools for web development – easy to use color picker, color library, inspector, analyzer(to analyze the color scheme of a website)etc.

Download Rainbow Color Tools

3. Wappalyzer

It tells you about the softwares(libraries, frameworks, server etc) used by a website.

Download Wappalyzer

4. ShowIP

It shows the IP address of the website, in status bar; additionally, you can also query whois, hostname, netcraft etc.

Download ShowIP

5. fontinfo

It’s good for exploring the fonts used on a website (with the font panel or show fonts section in right click menu)

Download fontinfo

6. Web Developer

add some cool web development tools.

Download Web Developer

7. User Agent Switcher

Using this extension, you can easily switch the user agent of the browser.

Download User Agent Switcher

8. Greasmonkey

To customize the web page (how it behaves or displays content), using small bits of javascript.

Download Greasmonkey

9. Modify Headers

To modify the http request headers sent to servers.

Download Modify Headers

10. FireFTP

It’s a cross-platform FTP/SFTP client for Mozilla Firefox.

Download FireFTP


Update Firefox to v 15 in Ubuntu [12.04] / Linux Mint [13]

Firefox 15 is available, with a lot of cool new features and improvements, specially related to 3D performance (compressed textures for better performance, with WebGL) and better memory usage for plugins/add-ons (optimized memory use! vow!!! that’s really a great improvement, memory hungry add-ons makes browsing slow and painful sometimes).

Some of the new features/improvements are –firefox-logo

  • silent, background updates
  • support for SPDY v2
  • WebGL enhancements
  • html 5 related improvemens (native support for Opus, audio/video elements etc)
  • available in a new Local language – Maithili (it’s my native language :) )

Updating to Firefox 15

In Ubuntu 12.04 or similar distributions such as Linux Mint, you can get the latest version of firefox – with a normal update. So you don’t need to add any external PPA or download/install it manually, unless you also want to try beta versions or daily builds. So just open the Update Manager and click on Install Updates to update all programs (recommended) or just select the Firefox browser from the list and update.

To update Firefox from Terminal, just execute the commands –

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox

Recommended Link(s)

Find out who is tracking you Online : Collusion Add On for Firefox

Some websites track users behaviors online for providing relevant information to the user or may be for some other good reasons so it’s ok, as long as the user knows that they’re getting tracked, it seems acceptable, but in most of the cases the users are totally unaware of the fact that they’re getting tracked. That’s evil! But it’s not going to continue for long – due to a cool add-on – that will help you in tracking (and controlling ) the online trackers (so basically, it’s a meta tracker :)).


Collusion : Firefox Add-on to discover your online trackers in Real Time

Mozilla Foundation (along with Ford Foundation) has launched an add-on for Firefox web browser named – Collusion which will allow you to discover the sites which is tracking your online activity and not only that – it will also provide you some options to control it i.e you can turn off their tracking if you want. So we are moving towards a more transparent web, now take a look at how you are going to visualize the data (of trackers and how they’re linked) – Here is a snapshot taken on my browser. Using Collusion you can visualize the tracking data/activity in real time – right from your browser – in one click.


Download/Install Collusion add-on in Mozilla Firefox

Go to plugin page and download/install it. That set, you won’t have to even restart the browser. You will notice an icon of Collusion at top-bottom corner. Click on the icon and continue your browsing. Now, come back to Collusion tab and visualize/control how you’re getting tracked and by whom – see the icons of website in the little round circles (nodes).


Firefox 8 Released! Download it Now!

Mozilla Firefox, the most popular open source web browser on this planet, version 8 released today!

The new version of Firefox has arrived with a lot of new features, bug fixes, and improved performances in a number of things such as with HTML 5.0 elements/tags. Firefox is a cross-platform web browser, and the new release is available for all platforms such as GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Firefox Development has adopted high frequency release cycle to provide latest cutting edge features, so all the users are expected to upgrade to latest version.

What’s New in Firefox 8.0 ?

Here is some of  the some important changes or new features added in Firefox 8. (To see the complete list go here – changes in Firefox 8.)

  • Fixed several security and stability issues
  • Improved performance with audio and video tags
  • Add ons installed by third party programs are disabled by default
  • Improved WebSocket support


Get Firefox for your System

Download Firefox 8 (Just go to download page and it will automatically detect your OS and download the file; and install it)