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Enjoy twitter in ubuntu 10.04 using gwibber

twitter with gwibber

You know beta version of the ubuntu 10.04 LTS has released earlier and final version will be released on April 29 2010 and it will be supported till 2013.Many changes and improvement has been made in Lucid Lynx(the name of the ubuntu 10.04 version).

Now you can use your favorite micro-blogging site very easily the lucid lynx came with gwibber which is installed by default in the standard ubuntu distribution package.Gwibber is microblogging client for all the popular micro blogging sites like Twitter.Hence you can easily enjoy tweeting fr0m your desktop just by clicking gwibber.Although gwibber has support for all other major microblogging sites.

Currently supported microblogging sites :


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how to manage e-books collection/library

Now e-books are becoming more popular and useful.When you have a number of e-books on different categories then it is difficult to keep track of  them.That’s why you need a library manager so that you can manage your collections more effectively.I am going to introduce you with an open source software which is a complete solution to the e-book library management.

CALIBRE : An open source and cross platform e-book library manager which can be used to view,catalog and convert e-books in all the common available formats of e-book ,e.g pdf,LRS,txt.It can also convert the simple format information into e-books to make the reading easier.

supported input – e-book formats are :

Supported Opeating systems are :
Linux, Wndows, OS X

Download calibre