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playing mp3 on ubuntu with movie player

How to Play .mp3 file in ubuntu 10.04

playing mp3 on ubuntu with movie player

On Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) you can play mp3(MPEG-1 Layer-3) files in many ways because there are lots of players available.In this post,the two most important and best mp3 player is described for ubuntu 10.04.

Playing MP3 songs(file) on Ubuntu 10.04

Movie Player : For MP3 files
This is the default media player for Ubuntu 10.04 which is installed by default but still you won’t be able to use this for playing mp3 files until you will installed missing plugins and libraries that is not installed by default but required for playing mp3 files.When you will first open mp3 songs with movie player then it will ask for installing missing plugins.Click on Install missing plugins and it will complete within few minutes.Now,you to play mp3 files just double click on mp3 files or open it with movie player after right clicking on it.

VLC player : Best Mp3 Player for Ubuntu 10.04

VLC player is one of the most robust open source media player.It is a good choice for playing mp3 files too.Since vlc player is not installed on ubuntu 10.04(By default) so you will have to install it from software center or synaptic package manager.If you don’t know how to install vlc player on ubuntu then click here – Install VLC player on Ubuntu for tutorial described in steps.After installing the vlc player,to play mp3 files,just right click on the file and open with vlc.

video converter for ubuntu 11.04

video converter for ubuntu 10.04

Video Format Conversion Tool for Ubuntu 10.04
For Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx), the recommended video converter is Transmageddon Video Transcoder.The main purposes of this software is to help peoples in creating different formats of files so that they can play on their mobile devices without much effort.Transmageddon is very easy to use with a simple and easy to use user interface(GUI). It has support for almost all common files formats and you can directly choose the mobile devices(i.e for Sony PSP or Nokia OR Apple Ipod Nano or Sony Playstation3 or Motorola KRZR K1v) from the options and it will automatically geneate the required format.The full list of supported Codecs(Containers,Audio and Video encoders) are

  • Ogg
  • AVI
  • flv
  • MPEG4
  • Quick Time
  • MXT
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • Vorbis
  • Theora
  • MPEG2
  • xvid
  • DivX5
  • Dirac

install video converter on ubuntu

Install video converter-Transmageddon Video Transcoder on Ubuntu

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center(USC) from Aplications.
  2. Search for “Transmageddon” or “Video Transcoder” in the quick search bar.
  3. Click on install button to proceed for installation;it may ask you to enter your login password(Ubuntu 10.04 user account) if so then enter.
  4. Downloading and installing process will finish within few minutes.
  5. That’s All…Now open it from Applications->Sound & Video->Transmageddon Video Transcoder…..

Also visit https://xpstopdf.net  for converting *.xps documents to *.pdf format. It’s a free web based tool.

Install swf file player on ubuntu 10.04 LTS

How to play *SWF file in Ubuntu 10.04

Gnash SWF player for Ubuntu 10.04
SWF(Shock Wave Flash) file format is widely used for displaying animation or vector graphics,with different degrees of interactivity and functions.Adobe products such as Flash,Flex Builder and Open source Ming Library is used to generate SWF files.If you are not able to play swf file on Ubuntu 10.04 then here is an simple solution of that.Gnash SWF player is recommended for playing SWF files on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

Installing SWF player on Ubuntu 10.04

Install swf file player on ubuntu 10.04 LTS
1.Open Ubuntu Software Center(Applications->Ubuntu Software Center) or SPM(Synaptic Package Manager) from System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager.
2.Search for Gnash and click on Install(in USC) OR mark for installation,then apply to install gnash(In SPM).
3.Installation,followed by downloading process will complete within few minutes…….
4.That’s all…Now Open the SWF files with GNASH SWF player to play……

How to Make a File Invisible in Ubuntu 10.04

Making a file invisible in ubuntu 10.04

step1. Open Nautilus(Default File Browser).
step2. Go to a directory(say Web) and Select the file you want to make invisible(Say ubuntutips).
step3. Now right click on the file(ubuntutips) and select rename.
step4. In renaming process just put a dot(.) before the name of the file then press enter to save it.
step5. Refresh the Nautilus either by pressing CTRL+H twice or opening the new window after closing it.
step6. That’s All ,now your file ubuntutips will become invisible.

How to see hidden files in Ubuntu 10.04
To see the hidden or invisible files on ubuntu 10.04,in the directory you want to see hidden files,press CTRL+H OR select view->Show Hidden Files in Nautilus File browser.

How to install PHP in Ubuntu 10.04

install php on ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx

PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server side script language and it is very useful in making dynamic websites by connecting through database(e.g MySQL).It is open source and free.You can install it on Ubuntu 10.04 or any other distribution of linux in many ways e.g by using Synaptic Package Manager or Install it manually after downloading it from it’s website.PHP comes in many packages and modules,so it depends on your work.In general there is a software called LAMP(For Linux),contains all the combination required for web designing.L stands for Linux,A for Apache,M for MySQL and P for PHP.If you have installed other softwares,then correct php modules you can install it by the following method.

Install PHP on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Using Command Line/Terminal

Just Type the following command at ubuntu terminal(Hit CTRL+ALT+T to open terminal) and enter the login password.

$ sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

Using Synaptic Package Manager

1.Go to Synaptic Package Manager and search for php.
2.Check the boxes corresponding to the package/module you want to install.
3.Click on Apply to begin the download.It will take few minutes to complete.
4.After completion of download,installation will begin automatically and hardly takes a minutes.(You may have to provide extra details e.g if you want to connect it through MySQL database).
5.That’s All.