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kdevelop for ubuntu 10.04

KDevelop for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

kdevelop for ubuntu 10.04

After completing the installation procedure of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx,I had finished installation of some Ubuntu extras like Adobe Flash,VLC,Google Chrome ..and so on.Then I searched for my favorite C++ IDE – KDevelop but it wasn’t there either in Ubuntu software center orĀ  Synaptic Package Manager.Then how can we install KDevelop on Ubuntu 10.04,well it’s very simple and how?that’s the purposes of this post.Later I found that KDevelop can be installed in three simple steps by changing Repository settings in SPM.

Installing KDevelop on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

#1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and click on ‘Settings->Repositories’.A new window (named as software sources) will open,then click on tab which says ‘Updates’ and check the box for ‘Unsupported updates'(close the current window).

#2. Now click on Reload(Since repository settings have changed) to update the software listings and search for ‘kdevelop’;then mark the packages for installation and finally click on Apply(click OK if it asks for dependent libraries/API) to install KDevelop.

#3. Wait…….for few moments until the installation is completed.That’s All! Open kdevelop from Applications->Programming->KDevelop and Enjoy the FUN! of programming.

I Hope you have installed KDE successfully …if it’s true then let me know through comments else,what’s the problem?..write in a comment.

Bluej on ubuntu

Install BlueJ(Interactive Java Environment) on Ubuntu

BlueJ – Interactive Java Environment for Ubuntu/Windows/Mac
BlueJ is an integrated java environment designed for beginners.BlueJ was developed as a part of university project(University of Kent,UK) and supported by Sun Microsystems.BlueJ focuses on visualization and interaction techniques to create good interactive environment for new students.Bluej is a cross-platform application(available for Linux,Windows,Mac,other) and available Free.

Bluej on ubuntu
Important Features of BlueJ can be Summarized as

  • bulit in editor,debugger,compiler,jvm.
  • interactive testing
  • incremental application development
  • integrated environment
  • displays class structure using graphics
  • interactive object creation

install BlueJ on Ubuntu 10.04/9.10/10.10..

#1. Download Debian package(bluej-301.deb,size : 4.9MB) for Ubuntu,from the given link.
Download BlueJ

#2. Save the *.deb file to your disk and open it with Gdebi Installer by right clicking OR just by Double clicking.Then click on Install Package(a Small window will appear).

#3. Installation will complete within minute..waiting…You have installed the BlueJ successfully.

#4. To open it Go to Applications->Programming->BlueJ.

How to Install BlueJ on Windows 7/Vista/XP

Just download *.exe package from the download link given in step#1 and double click to install.