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Linux Kernel 3.7 released!

Linux Kernel v3.7 is released (official announcement). The most exciting thing in this release is probably the support for ARM 64 bit architectures.

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What’s New in Linux (Kernel) 3.7 ?

  • ARM Multiplatform support
  • ARM 64 bit support
  • signed kernel modules
  • updated btrfs
  • adds vxlan (virtual extensible LAN tunneling protocol)
  • SMB v2 protocol support (experimental)
  • supports TCP fast Open (on server side)
  • parallel NFS support

Read about the latest changes/features in more details.

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel 3.0 RC1 is released!

Linux kernel version 3.0 (RCĀ 1) had released, few day before, with some special features such as virtualization support with Xen ..and changes. The latest stable kernel is

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Download Linux Kernel RC1 3.0

What’s special about Linux Kernel 3.0 ?

Now, Linux kernel (from vs 3.0 onwards) will have full support of Xen.

What is Xen ?

Xen is an open source industry standard for virtualization and offers an efficient, powerful and secure virtualization of various CPU (Central Processing Unit) architectures such as x86, x86_64, IA64, ARM …etc. Xen hyperwisor allows you to run multiple guest operating system on a computer. it’s free and licensed under GPL (GNU Public License).

Xen hypervisor

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel version 2.6.36 rc-1 Released!

Download linux kernel version 2.6.36rc1

The RC-1 for the linux kernel version 2.6.36 has just released(on August 15,2010).The important changes made in this version is summarized below(Go to its official website for more details- link is given below )-

Linux Kernel v2.6.36-rc1
Number of Files Added : 1288
Number of Files Changed : 8598
Number of Files Deleted : 307

Number of Lines Added : 562842
Number of Lines Changed: 958281
Number of Lines Deleted : 613846

Download patch for 2.6.36

Linux Kernel version Now available for download

linux kernel latest version

On July 05,2010 the new kernel of Linux was released.The changes made in this version can be summarized as-

Total no of files added OR deleted is equal to zero
Total number of files changed is equal to two hundred and twenty nine.
Total number of lines added is equal to two thousand three hundred and twelve.
Total number of lines changed is equal to one thousand seven hundred and fifty one.
Total number of lines deleted is equal to one thousand one hundred and thirty four.

Download linux kernel