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Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux kernel version is released

Stable Linux Kernel

The latest stable version of the kernel is v2.6.37.1,released few days ago.Download the latest kernel for your computer from the link given below.In most of the cases when you update your ubuntu or any other Linux based OS then it will automatically upgrade it to latest stable version of the Linux kernel.So in Ubuntu just go to System->Administration->Update Manager and click on update;Enter your ubuntu login password if prompted.

Download Latest Linux Kernel from its official website.

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel v2.4.37.10 released!

linux kernel v2.4.37.10

Linux kernel version has just released,on Sep 06,2010.The important changes in this version is written below(for more details go to it’s official website,link is given below).

Changes in Files
No. of files Added : 1
No. of files Changed : 75
No. of files Deleted : 0

Changes in lines of code
No. of lines Added : 3328
No. of lines Changed : 3128
No. of lines Deleted : 237

Download Patch

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel version 2.6.36 rc-1 Released!

Download linux kernel version 2.6.36rc1

The RC-1 for the linux kernel version 2.6.36 has just released(on August 15,2010).The important changes made in this version is summarized below(Go to its official website for more details- link is given below )-

Linux Kernel v2.6.36-rc1
Number of Files Added : 1288
Number of Files Changed : 8598
Number of Files Deleted : 307

Number of Lines Added : 562842
Number of Lines Changed: 958281
Number of Lines Deleted : 613846

Download patch for 2.6.36

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Download Linux Kernel Version RC1 Now!

Download linux kernel version 2.6.34rc1

Linux Kernel v2.6.34.2 rc1 is release just..on Jul 30 ,2010.The updates in this new/latest version of linux kernel is summarized below with the details(For more details follow the link given for the official website of Linux).
Total Number of Files Added : 1
Total Number of Files Changed : 224
Total Number of Files Removed : 0

No. of Lines added : 2594
No. of Lines changed : 2246
No. of Lines removed : 1337

Download Patch

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