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prelink for optimization of ubuntu 10.04

Optimize Ubuntu 10.04 Performance

Optimize Ubuntu 10.04 for speed by using prelinking

Ubuntu 10.04 is one of the fastest operating system and it’s booting time is specially optimized to boot within few seconds.Suppose,you are using ubuntu 10.04 on your older computer then you might find that the ubuntu 10.04 doesn’t perform according to the expectation.In general it is recommended to increase the Primary Memory i.e RAM.On the other hand there is another option to optimize ubuntu ..by using prelinking.

What is Prelinking?

Prelinking is a process to speed up system by reducing the time,the application program needs to begin.It is done by using a free program prelink,developed by Jakub, for Linux.It is just equivalent to the prebinding process of MacOSX.Prelinking process decreases the time in dynamic linking process(by Modifying ELF shared libraries and executable files) and due to the fewer reallocations, it also reduces the run time memory consumptions,so it also helps you in working more efficiently with low amount of RAM.

How to install Prelink on Ubuntu 10.04

You can install prelink package from Synaptic Package Manager.Just follow few steps given below..

1.Open Synaptic Package Manager(Enter login password if it ask) from System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager,and search for “prelink“.

2.Mark for installation i.e check the box.

prelink for optimization of ubuntu 10.04

3.Click on Apply to begin the download and installation process.It will complete within a minute.

How to Enable Prelinking on Ubuntu 10.04

After installing prelink package you can enable it by using following command or If you want to do it in GUI mode then browse to System/etc/default/prelink using root power and edit the prelink file as described below…(If you don’t know how to browse in nautilus with root power then you can do it by installing ubuntu control center in ubuntu 10.04).

enable prelinking on ubuntu

$ gksu gedit /etc/default/prelink
Then enter your login password.Now,Search for prelinking and change its value from unknown to yes.
Initially the line was “prelinking=unknown“.
After changing it will be like “prelinking=yes“,then save it and exit.
Now prelinking is activated and prelinking process will begin in background in a periodic manner.

NOTE : If you feel some problem in running other application programs due to prelinking then remove it from executable files by typing this command-
$ sudo prelink -ua
Then use Synaptic Package Manager to remove the prelink package.