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Taskwarrior – Terminal based TODO Application

Taskwarrior is a command line app for managing your todo list. It’s lightweight, simple and fast. If you spend lot of time on terminal (as a developer or system administrator) then constantly switching to a web app or another GUI based todo app may not be very productive thing to do. In that case, you may want to try a simple command line application instead.


Taskwarrior has human-friendly natural command line syntax. You will also like its simplicity. I like how it doesn’t reinforce any particular methodology (whether you prefer GTD or something else, it doesn’t matter). Here is a simple command for adding a task :

task add Write an article about task due:tomorrow

Installing Taskwarrior in Ubuntu/Linux

If you’re using a GNU/Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, then it’s already there in your package repository (I’ve tested on Ubuntu 14.40 LTS) under the name ‘task‘.

sudo apt-get install task

For older version or other distributions you may want to download it from official site.

Few important commands you should know

  • task add sample task (adding a task, you could specify other things like priority or due date etc)
  • task list (it lists all the pending task with their ids and other details)
  • task 5 done (marks the task with the id 5 completed)
  • task 4 delete (deletes the task with id 4)
  • task all (displays all the pending and completed tasks)

If you want to know more about the features read the man pages (man task) or read some tutorials on official website.

nitrotasks - Task Management App

Best Task Management Application for Ubuntu (12.04)

Task Management Applications or TODO Apps helps a lot in organizing all the key activities or task in an easy and efficient way. So it’s really good for your productivity.

In Ubuntu, there are some apps out there such as Getting Things GNOME!, it’s really a cool – wiki style organizer, but this post is all about a newly launched app named – Nitro.

Nitro Task, “Get Stuffs Done” : Best Task Management App

Nitro Tasks is a simple and easy to use task managements app. It has all the good features such as Creating new tasks, deleting completing tasks, tagging, deadlines or due dates, priority level for tasks, search, panel notifications etc. The GUI is very cool (looks like a Mac App), additionally – a lot of themes are available to customize the look, you can even choose your own pics for background for the app.

nitrotasks - Task Management App

Setup Nitro Sync for synchronize the Tasks


Nitro Sync Option for Dropbox and Ubuntu One is very cool, as it syncs the task continuously so your tasks are always backed up and safe, and of course it’s required if you use it on multiple computer. You can checkout the settings and customize a lot of other things such as languages, theme and general settings.

Install Nitro Tasks in Ubuntu 12.04

Although, it’s not available in Ubuntu Software Center but you can add a PPA and install in a couple of minutes. Open a terminal and execute these commands –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cooperjona/nitrotasks
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nitrotasks

That’s All. Get yours Task Done! and RE (Relax ‘n’ Enjoy ) 🙂