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Now Steam is available in Ubuntu Software Center

Now Steam Client is available in Ubuntu Software Center (for 12.04/12.10/11.04/10.04). They had already announced the beta release few months ago, followed by new drivers from Nvidia. So, finally, Gaming is fun 🙂 on Ubuntu/Linux!


Not all cool games are available for GNU/Linux platform, but it’s expected to grow fast 🙂 – here is the list of cool games available for Linux. You can also try few games for free e.g Team Fortress 2.

steam in Ubuntu software-center

Note : There is 50-70% discount on all Steam for Linux games, until Feb 21.

Steam for Linux

Steam Client (Beta) is available for Ubuntu / Linux

“Steam for Linux” – is now available for Ubuntu/Linux platform. They just announced – the limited access beta for the newly launched – “Steam for Linux Client”. Currently, Steam is the leading platform for delivery and management of PC/MAC games.

Now, you can play a lot of cool games in Ubuntu / Linux. it supports free to play games like Team Fortress 2, and dozens of other games are available to play on Ubuntu. checkout the list of games available for Ubuntu right now in this limited beta. Currently, it’s available only for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but soon it will be available for other platforms.

Steam for Linux

Installing Steam Client in Ubuntu 12.04

  • Download the debian package
  • Then open the *.deb package with gdebi package installer or Ubuntu Software Center. When, the installation will complete, you can start steam client and create an account or sign in to begin.