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how to install synaptic package manager in ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10 (code named as ‘Oneiric Ocelot’ ) Alpha 3 released last week, with a lot of exciting and stunning improvements/changes. Ubuntu 11.10 final version will be released on Oct 13, 2011. The current stable version is 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).

Canonical has a done a lot of changes – a lot of new applications / packages has been added, while some has been removed; e.g synaptic has been dropped out in Ubuntu 10.10. Synaptic is one of the most stable and popular tool for installing/removing/managing packages in a many Linux distributions (including Ubuntu till current stable version). To be honest, most of the time I uses apt-get utility for installing new applications, but I do use Synaptic Package Manager some times (Few months before Synaptic was my most favorite tool for software installation). Anyway, a lot of Ubuntu users like Synaptic Package Manager and they found it more useful then Ubuntu Software Center (On which the canonical is focusing more).

Synaptic Package Manager  – One of the most popular tools in Ubuntu 10.10


Synaptic works as a front end of aptitude (which itself is a front end of Advanced Packaging Tool) so it does a lot of works in GUI mode –

  • Installing New softwares/Apps
  • Removing unused softwares
  • Automatic package update
  • add/remove package source etc.

So, synaptic is not installed by default in Ubuntu 11.10 but if you want to use it then just install it, in a few simple command, although it’s a different fact that –
” Due to the improvement in Ubuntu Software Center , nobody would probably need Synaptic, USC is sufficient for beginners while advanced users would go for apt-get “.

Installing Synaptic in Ubuntu 11.10 – from Command Line/Terminal

Open Terminal (Applications -Accessories ->Terminal or hit CTL+ALT+T) and type (Followed By your login password) :

sudo apt-get install synaptic