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Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Wallpapers

In the new version of Ubuntu i.e Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat(released few weeks ago),some new and charming wallpapers has been added by default.If you haven’t installed Ubuntu 10.10 yet,then here is some natural wallpaper snapshots and download link for you;that I like.

Wallpaper 1 : Feather


Wallpaper 2 : Comet


Wallpaper 3 : Crocosmia


Download above three wallpapers for your Desktop.

how to install adobe flash player in Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat has just Released and after the completion  of download and installation procedure of Ubuntu 10.10 you must install adobe flash player because most of the web pages on the World Wide Web(www) contains flash content.That’s why A flash player is required and adobe flash player is the ultimate choice.In Ubuntu 10.10 many things has changed as compare to it’s predecessor version Ubuntu 10.04 – Lucid Lynx,e.g you will notice some changes in ubuntu software center,in beginning itself the installation options and interface has changed.


You can Install Adobe Flash Player in many ways –

1. By Directly Downloading it from it’s official website

Go here and download Adobe Flash Player,then open the file with debian package installer.Then the installation will complete within few minutes.If you are still not sure then go here “Steps in Installing Adobe Flash player” for stepwise details.

2. From Ubuntu Software Center OR Synaptic Package Manager

Open USC or SPM and search for ‘adobe flash player’; click on install(In case of USC) or mark the package and Apply(In case on SPM) to install the adobe flash player packages.You may have to authenticate before installing,if so then enter your ubuntu 10.10 login password to proceed.

changes in ubuntu 10.04

Remarkable Changes in Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)

changes in ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.10 i.e Maverick Meerkat(code name) is planned to released on October 10,2010.Previous version i.e Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) which was released April 29,2010.This post is aimed to explore some important changes and improvements in the upcoming version – Ubuntu 10.10.Here is the few remarkable changes –

Sound Menu

The Sound Menu has improved and it looks much better due to addition of some extra control buttons.Take a look at the Video(shown below),to see the changes in sound menu.

Software Center

Now it’s more easy to find new softwares in ubuntu software center due to some improvements.Software management also become more simple,you may like to see the video embedded below for visualizing the changes in ubuntu 10.10.

Compiz with Easystroke

Compiz provides a lot of 3D effects which make your desktop experience more funny.Easystroke is gesture-recognition application for X11 and provides an excellent interface for desktop users.Actually Easystroke was designed for Table PC but it works well with the mouse.You can have a lot of funny effects when both these application works together.Have look at the video.


By installer I mean the OS(Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)) installer,you will notice the changes after inserting the bootable CD/DVD.A lot of improvements has done ..and now it’s much simple than previous versions.

ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10(Maveric Meerkat) release date

ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10 code named as Maveric Meerkat is the upcoming version of Ubuntu(A GNU/Linux Based open source and free Operating System).Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 was released in June’s first week.The Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha was almost similar to the ubuntu 10.04 but the major changes will be noticed in it’s final release.Few more alpha(1,2 and 3) versions will be released in July and August 2010.Beta,RC(Release Candidate) and Stable or Final Version is scheduled on the following date(In UTC Time)-

Ubuntu 10.10-Beta : September 2nd 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-RC : September 30th 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-Final Release : October 10th 2010