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how to install vlc player on Linux Mint 10

Linux Mint 10(code named as Julia) has just launched(a week ago). Linux Mint has a media player installed by default but it’s not sufficient for playing all formats. That’s why this post will explain(specially written for beginner users, probably who have just migrated from windows based operating system to Linux based distribution or Linux Mint) about how to install vlc media player(which is the most popular media player) on Linux Mint 10/9.

VLC Media Player has been developed/maintained under Video LAN Project. it is free,open source and cross-platform(Available for all the common operating system). VLC player is known as ‘All in One’ media player, because it can play all the common media file – audio as well as video. So vlc player is a ‘must have Apps’ for all computer users – beginners as well as advanced. The source code of the vlc player is available freely under GNU GPL license, so it means that you can’t only play the media files but also with the vlc itself.


Install VLC Media Player on Linux Mint

You can install either from the package manager or from the command line.

From Package Manager

>>Search for ‘vlc’ and select the package for installation(using check box)

>>Then click on Apply button and wait for the installation to complete.

>>That’s All..

From Command Line

Open the terminal and enter(also enter password,if prompted) the command(s) given below –

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc

NOTE : libdvdcss2 is required by vlc,so if you haven’t installed the restricted package already then this link help you(it is written for Ubuntu but I think it will also work for Linux Mint) – Playing Encrypted DVD on Ubuntu .

best multimedia player for ubuntu

best multimedia player for ubuntu

best multimedia player for ubuntu
This post will give an overview of the best multimedia (audio,video..) player,that you can use on Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)/10.04(Lucid Lynx)/9.10..Actually the Ubuntu comes with a default media player which works well after installing some restricted audio and video codecs,but it doesn’t have that much sophisticated features expected by a music lover.That’s why I spent a lot of time in searching/installing/playing  other media players and finally I came up with one player for each – one for audio(e.g for .mp3 files) and other for video file(e.g for .avi,mp4..). Continue reading

how to install vlc media player in ubuntu 10.10


VLC Media Player is known as ‘all in one’ video player.It’s free and open source(VLC is available under GNU License) media player developed by VideoLAN Project.The most important point is that VLC player is an cross platform application written in C/C++.it’s available for windows,GNU/Linux ,Mac OSX,BeOS and BSD.On Ubuntu 10.10 you can also use default Media Player for playing common Video formats like *.AVI,audio formats like *.mp3 but VLC supports very wide range of input and output files formats.So after installing the Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat,you will surely like to install VLC,and that’s why this post has been written i.e to explain and troubleshoot beginner Ubuntu users regarding VLC Media Player.You can install vlc either from software center or synaptic package manager in GUI mode.

Ways to Install VLC Player on Ubuntu 10.10

#1 : From Synaptic Package Manager

Go to System->Administration->Synaptic package Manager and search for ‘vlc’ in quick search bar.Then mark the packages – ‘vlc-plugin-pulse’ and ‘mozilla-plugin-vlc’ and click on Apply to install the selected packages.

#2 : From Command Line

open terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and enter the command written below.

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc

*You are also recommended to install libavcodec-extra-52 from multiverse repository for transcoding or streaming.

playing mp3 on ubuntu with movie player

How to Play .mp3 file in ubuntu 10.04

playing mp3 on ubuntu with movie player

On Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) you can play mp3(MPEG-1 Layer-3) files in many ways because there are lots of players available.In this post,the two most important and best mp3 player is described for ubuntu 10.04.

Playing MP3 songs(file) on Ubuntu 10.04

Movie Player : For MP3 files
This is the default media player for Ubuntu 10.04 which is installed by default but still you won’t be able to use this for playing mp3 files until you will installed missing plugins and libraries that is not installed by default but required for playing mp3 files.When you will first open mp3 songs with movie player then it will ask for installing missing plugins.Click on Install missing plugins and it will complete within few minutes.Now,you to play mp3 files just double click on mp3 files or open it with movie player after right clicking on it.

VLC player : Best Mp3 Player for Ubuntu 10.04

VLC player is one of the most robust open source media player.It is a good choice for playing mp3 files too.Since vlc player is not installed on ubuntu 10.04(By default) so you will have to install it from software center or synaptic package manager.If you don’t know how to install vlc player on ubuntu then click here – Install VLC player on Ubuntu for tutorial described in steps.After installing the vlc player,to play mp3 files,just right click on the file and open with vlc.

How to Install VLC Media Player in Ubuntu 10.04

install vlc media player in ubuntu 10.04

VLC is the most widely used media player developed by VideoLAN.It can play all the important formats like mp3,MPEG,MPEG2,MPEG4,DivX,QuickTime,WMV,MOV,FLV..and VCDs,DVDs.It is free and Open source so you can install it very easily in your ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx).The features of VLC can also be extended by using some extra audio and video pluging available freely on the internet.

Installing VLC Player in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

By Using Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager
1. Open SPM(Synaptic Package Manager)(Administration->Synaptic Package Manager) or Ubuntu Software Center(Applications) and Search for vlc player.
2.Check the the box to install and apply(Required in SPM).
3.Downloading and installation will complete within few minutes.
4.That’s All..

By Using Ubuntu Terminal
1.Open Terminal -Hit CTRL+ALT+T or open it from Applications->Accessories->Terminal.
2.Type the command

sudo apt-get install vlc

3.It may ask you to enter the user password,if so then enter your password then downloading will begin and installation will also finish within moments.
4.Now,I assume you have successfully installed vlc player on Ubuntu 10.04;If any thing goes wrong during this steps let me know through comments.