Free Web Based Financial Tools [India]

Recently, I created some financial tools, you may find useful. I built them over last few months. All these tools are targeted for Indian users and are completely free to use (doesn’t even require any signup).

Update! If you’re new to mutual funds and do not know much on how to select the right funds for investment, you may want to start here with my list of favourite mutual funds (the funds in which I’ve invested myself) :

  1. PPF Calculator – If you invest in PPF (Public Provident Fund), then this is for you. It gives a rough estimate on how your money will grow over the years when you invest some amount every year for next 15 years.  Current interest rate is 8.10%.
  2. Income Tax Calculator – As the name suggest, it will help you in calculating the income tax liability. It has simple stepwise process where you can enter all your details (income, deductions, investments etc) and finally you get the net tax liability amount for that financial year.
  3. FD Calculator – Calculate returns on your fixed deposits. You get a rough idea on final maturity amount, at the end of the FD period.
  4. SIP Calculator – If you invest in mutual funds, then, it will help in calculating wealth gains / returns on your SIP investments.

Note : If you’re into personal finance or investment stuff, also check out these interesting  blogs/communities (I’m not affiliated with them in any way) to learn more or get any help/tips from other folks. I’m also quite active on the reddit group and help you out in case of any doubts/questions  –