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Dell XPS 15 : best laptop for Ubuntu

Best laptop for Ubuntu

Ubuntu (Latest Stable Version : Ubuntu 11.04 (Maverick Meerkat), upcoming version – 11.10 (Natty Narwhal) – set to release on Oct 13, 2011) is now dominating the market share of Linux desktop (or would dominate the total desktop share in few upcoming years). So the numbers of laptop users running Ubuntu (or other flavors of GNU/Linux) has also increased but it’s still not in the resonance with the growth of Ubuntu, probably due to hardware compatibility problems.

Therefore in this post some of the best laptops are described – which is known for good compatibility with Ubuntu, although any (laptop) model, from a recognizable brand such as Dell, ThinkPad, ASUS, Acer, HP, Lenovo etc, released in past few years, are capable of running Ubuntu smoothly. Anyway – if you’re willing to run Ubuntu on a new laptop – then better choose any of these.

What is the best laptop for using/running Ubuntu ?

1. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 series Laptops are well suitable for Running Ubuntu 11.10 or other versions (if you want to enjoy 3d effects in ubuntu then better choose one with dedicated graphics memory, in later versions of Ubuntu – Gnome 3 and Unity both needs better graphics performance otherwise you will be running in fallback mode). Ubuntu works smoothly without any problems and so you’re good to go with any Dell XPS 15 series laptop. Therefore if you’re going to purchase a laptop for running Ubuntu (version 10.04 LTS/11.04/11.10 ..) then you are recommended to choose any of these to ensure better compatibility, Although it’s a different fact that most of the dell laptop(new version) works well with Ubuntu. Here is a laptop from this series – with latest processor (Intel Core i7) and overall configuration is pretty good! so it would be suitable for most of the needs.

Dell XPS 15 X15L-1024ELS  @ $949

Dell XPS 15 : best laptop for Ubuntu
Model Number : X15L-1024ELS

Technical Specifications : 

  • Intel Core i7-2630QM
  • 6GB, DDR3, 1333MHz
  • 15.6″ HD WLED (1366×768) display
  • 640GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 6 cell Lithium Ion Battery (56 WHr)
  • Built in  2.0 MP Webcam, HDMI Port (click on Image to know more)

Buy Dell XPS 15 X51L-1024ELS from Amazon (Price : $949)

Or Check out the newer model of that Laptop here.

Update! Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition may be a better choice for you. Check out this one.

2. Lenovo X201

Lenovo has always been a good laptop brand for Ubuntu – because most of the Linux based distributions works great on Lenovo without much hassle. Lenovo x201 series laptops are also good for running Ubuntu.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201i 3249MDU 12.1-Inch @ $1099

lenovo-thinkpad-x201i - for Ubuntu users
Lenevo ThinkPad X201i

Technical Specifications :

  • Intel Core i3-370M 2.40 GHz Processor
  • 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive (Serial ATA)
  • Li-on Battery (6.7 Hours)
  • 3MB L3 Cache

Buy Lenovo ThinkPad X201i 3249MDU from Amazon (Price : $1099)

Update! Also check out ThinkPad X230.

How is your experience with Laptop, running Ubuntu or any Linux distribution ? Consider sharing it (comment below).

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best Linux distro for Gaming

Now a days, Linux based distros rocks! not only in server environment but also in desktop environment – for common users to accomplish common tasks such as Web Browsing, Document Editing, watching movies or listening songs, playing games etc. Ubuntu (11.04 – latest stable release; upcoming version – 11.10), A Linux based distribution (started by forking Debian) has a great role in making Linux more popular among desktop users (Although it’s a different fact that the share of Ubuntu is increasing rapidly in server market). This post explore about the gaming scope on Linux based operating systems, as a game player (or developer).

Linux based distros has always been criticized for poor graphics performance, up to some extent they are right but things have changed a lot in Linux environment. Now, Linux based systems such as Ubuntu uses Gnome or KDE like modern desktops which provides much visual experience than Windows or other OS, and of course they consume more resources; unlike the past when Linux users used to work with just a Terminal/shell, these-days also people uses shell (I use ssh for my VPS, because it’s far more convenient and efficient than a typical cpanel) but it’s not an absolute necessity for common desktop users. There are also some other reasons behind the poor performance – like lack of graphics drivers for Linux distributions (in fact most of the graphics card manufacturers or other accessories (e.g Logitech Webcam, There is no driver available for Linux distro, So I’m using generic driver provided by cheese which results in poor performance as compared to the performance on Windows, the same is true for graphics cards specifically ATI cards do not perform well on GNU/Linux) do not provide/update driver software for Linux distro because of the low market share).

Ubuntu : The best Linux distribution for Gaming


Why Ubuntu is the future of Linux Gaming ?

  • It’s the most popular Linux desktop (it has around 50% share in total of the Linux desktop users)
  • it runs on almost all hardwares and most of the graphics card run smoothly with ubuntu(as compared to other distro)
  • Ubuntu has huge number of users, community, blogs (it’s one of them :)).. for sharing, exploring and fixing problems & solutions
  • Some popular games are already available for Ubuntu (as a *.deb) while most of them (not available directly) run well using Wine.
  • Its popularity is increasing exponentially so in upcoming years the graphics performance will be better enough to migrate a gamer from Windows to Ubuntu…

Try Ubuntuhow to install ubuntu 11.04 [using USB or CD/DVD]

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ubuntu-11-04-Linux distribution for beginners

best Linux distribution for beginners

The popularity of GNU/Linux is increasing exponentially,  probably due to a lot of benefits such as Full control, openly available Source Code (Usually open source softwares are licensed under GPL, Apache.. ),  zero or less cost, etc; Despite of that, common users gets afraid of Linux distributions (There are some obvious reasons for that – one of the most common reason is ‘Command Line’, they want fancy GUI where everything can be done in few clicks), but the fact is that – GNU/Linux is very simple. It’s Fun, but only when you know about it and learning curve might be an issue in that case.

If you have been using Windows (XP, Vista or 7) from years (or just few months) and want to try something new i.e a Linux based operating system or if you are beginner computer user and interested in learning new stuffs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post I’ll explain about about top 2 Linux distro – select one depending on your choice.

Ubuntu – The best Linux distro for novice users

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for desktop users. It is a free and open source operating system based on GNU/Linux. You can choose any suitable desktop environment e.g Gnome, Unity, KDE, Xfce etc depending on your need and hardware specifications. Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the latest stable release available now, while it’s successor – vs 11.10 is coming in Oct, 2011 (probably with Gnome 3, The Next Generation Desktop Experience).

ubuntu-11-04-Linux distribution for beginners

Why Ubuntu is recommended to beginners ?

  • it’s very easy to use and administrate. (As compare to other Linux based OS)
  • Ubuntu Software Center makes the software installation/Management much easier
  • a vast collection of free and open source applications are available
  • a lot of online community, blogs and forums are available to help you, in any problem/bugs
  • it’s secure from viruses and *wares
  • Learning curve is not so steep (as you expect from a Linux based os)
  • it’s Fun!

Download and install Ubuntu 11.04

Best Linux distribution for Beginners (from Windows background) : Linux Mint

Linux Mint is very similar to Ubuntu but it has better hardware compatibility. It is also based on Debian and has many versions depending on the Desktop such as Gnome or KDE. Linux Mint has windows like interface (In fact you can also customize the Gnome in Ubuntu, to look like Windows 7 or Vista), so it’s more suitable for those who have migrated from Windows to Linux. It has also all the features listed above, and the most important point is simplicity. Linux Mint 11 is the latest version available for download.

Linux Mint for beginners

Download Linux Mint (Installation procedure is similar to Ubuntu)


best music player for Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X is one of the most popular operating system (probably due to its robust and cool GUI/applications, it’s is specifically most popular in U.S) on this planet. Few days before, the Mac vs 10.7 i.e Mac OS X Lion was released and available to download/upgrade ( check the system requirements for Mac OS X Lion if you want to upgrade your Mac OS X Leopard to Mac OS X Lion ) from the App store. This post explains not only about the select best music player but also about some other good alternative media players.

There are lot of music players available for Mac OS X Lion and if you want to select the best out of them, then the best answer would be – “it depends“, although some users might recommend a some cross-platform music player or any other media player which is available only for Mac platform.

iTunes : The Best Music Player for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion


iTunes is a proprietary media player which basically acts as a front end of Apple’s QuickTime media player. iTunes is used to play and organize music files on Desktop Computer (Macintosh computers), iPad, iPod and iPhone. Although iTunes is also available for Windows but the performance is very poor on Windows 7/vista as compared to the performance on Mac OS X (iTunes rocks on Mac!). iTunes is very popular due to its Sync feature (i.e you can easily sync your music files between your devices), and purchasing music from iTunes Store (Digital Music Store by Apple) is very simple; everything is available right there on your Desktop or iPod or wherever you are. iTunes version 10.4 was released few days before with some new and exciting features.

Why iTunes is the best audio/media player for Mac OS X Lion users ?

iTunes is best because of its innovative features and the fact that some other cool music players (usually cross platform apps) are not well compatible with Mac environment. Here are some of the great features of iTunes vs 10.4 :

  • it can play a lot of formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, MPEG 4, AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format), Apple Lossless (or ALAC or ALE is an audio codec developed by Apple for lossless compression of digital music).
  • The Sync feature of iTunes is simply great!
  • It’s easy to organize and manage all your music collection, with iTunes
  • it’s well supported and compatible, because it’s one of the most stable and matured application for Mac OS X
  • Smart Playlist
  • Library Sharing using DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol)
  • You can subscribe to any Podcast using RSS feed URL, video podcasting is also supported.

Other Music Players You may want to try


If any format is not supported by any player, throw it at VLC it will play seamlessly. it’s a free, open source and cross – platform media player (specifically popular for playing video files).

vlc on Mac os X

Download VLC for Mac OS X


Songbird is a free and open source media player and web browser i.e a web player, available for Mac and Windows (Linux support was dropped in earlier versions). The latest version 1.9.3 is available for download.


Download Songbird


Chrome 14 released

Best Browser for Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 (code named as Natty Narwhal) is the latest version (Released few months ago) from the Canonical. This post is aimed to choose the best browser among the current web browsers available for Ubuntu 11.04. Ubuntu users typically use – Firefox (It’s installed by default on all versions of Ubuntu), Google Chrome, Opera, Chromium (almost similar to Chrome) for their common tasks such as – surfing, web Apps, web development etc.

So I’m going to help you in finding the best web browser for you (of course on Ubuntu platform it may vary on other Operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X), based on your tasks and the way use it. The one simple truth is that – what is best for you? depends on a lot of other factors rather than few generic factors (that we will discuss here) so you can only decide the actual best stuffs for you and it’s not only with the browser but anything in your Life.

Best Web Browser for Surfing : Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Latest stable version is Chrome 12 ) is the best web browser but why ? Ok.. here are some points which makes Chrome a great web browser for internet surfers.

Chrome - The best Browser for Ubuntu

Why Google Chrome is Best for web surfing ?

  1. Chrome is the fastest web browser on Ubuntu.
  2. You can enjoy heavy surfing with a bunch of tab/windows open simultaneously (If you will do the same thing in other browser such as Firefox – then you will be pissed off).
  3. Chrome is the most stable browser on Ubuntu.
  4. It’s secure, in fact security has been the first preference in Google Chrome.
  5. It has a lot of useful and innovative features e.g Sync will store all your bookmarks in Google Cloud, you can access (go to Google Docs) and synchronize (just enter the Google Account login details) bookmarks, Themes, Password, Extensions, Apps etc. anywhere from this planet (I mean Earth, got it?).
  6. It supports modern web (web 2.0) standards and technology (such as HTML 5, CSS 3, OpenGL … ), so we can enjoy the next generation features and sites easily with Chrome.

Get Google Chrome for Ubuntu

Download Latest version of Google Chrome

Best Web Browser for Web Development : Mozilla Firefox

Firefox comes by default on Linux based distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc and Firefox is a very popular web browser but it has having hard time on Linux platform. Firefox rocks on Windows but if we compare the same version on Ubuntu, you might say that – it’s horrible. Despite of providing poor performance on GNU/Linux, Firefox is very extensible. A lot of exclusive plugins available for Firefox users makes it very popular among web developers. The latest version Firefox 5 is available now for Ubuntu 10.10/11.04 users.