Now a days, Linux based distros rocks! not only in server environment but also in desktop environment – for common users to accomplish common tasks such as Web Browsing, Document Editing, watching movies or listening songs, playing games etc. Ubuntu (11.04 – latest stable release; upcoming version – 11.10), A Linux based distribution (started by forking Debian) has a great role in making Linux more popular among desktop users (Although it’s a different fact that the share of Ubuntu is increasing rapidly in server market). This post explore about the gaming scope on Linux based operating systems, as a game player (or developer).

Linux based distros has always been criticized for poor graphics performance, up to some extent they are right but things have changed a lot in Linux environment. Now, Linux based systems such as Ubuntu uses Gnome or KDE like modern desktops which provides much visual experience than Windows or other OS, and of course they consume more resources; unlike the past when Linux users used to work with just a Terminal/shell, these-days also people uses shell (I use ssh for my VPS, because it’s far more convenient and efficient than a typical cpanel) but it’s not an absolute necessity for common desktop users. There are also some other reasons behind the poor performance – like lack of graphics drivers for Linux distributions (in fact most of the graphics card manufacturers or other accessories (e.g Logitech Webcam, There is no driver available for Linux distro, So I’m using generic driver provided by cheese which results in poor performance as compared to the performance on Windows, the same is true for graphics cards specifically ATI cards do not perform well on GNU/Linux) do not provide/update driver software for Linux distro because of the low market share).

Ubuntu : The best Linux distribution for Gaming


Why Ubuntu is the future of Linux Gaming ?

  • It’s the most popular Linux desktop (it has around 50% share in total of the Linux desktop users)
  • it runs on almost all hardwares and most of the graphics card run smoothly with ubuntu(as compared to other distro)
  • Ubuntu has huge number of users, community, blogs (it’s one of them :)).. for sharing, exploring and fixing problems & solutions
  • Some popular games are already available for Ubuntu (as a *.deb) while most of them (not available directly) run well using Wine.
  • Its popularity is increasing exponentially so in upcoming years the graphics performance will be better enough to migrate a gamer from Windows to Ubuntu…

Try Ubuntuhow to install ubuntu 11.04 [using USB or CD/DVD]

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    1. it’s not true not anymore 🙂 . Now graphics performance has improved a lot and games ? steam client is also available, so ultimately hard core gamers are also going to ditch windows for Ubuntu/Linux.

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