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What’s new in Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) ?

Ubuntu 12.10, code named as Quantal Quetzal, is set to release on oct 18, 2012. The final beta version (2) is already released. If you’re an LTS users who moves from LTS to LTS, then you may not care about 12.10 but those who want to have all the latest cool stuffs/cutting edge features, coming in Unity desktop, then you must checkout 12.10.


Besides some changes in UI and fancy buttons, there are also some core improvements in the performance of OpenGL, so if you play a lot of games, with graphics card, you would notice soon, in Ubuntu 12.10.

Here is another cool screenshot my my Ubuntu 12.10 desktop, after installing it on my hard-disk.


Some major improvements and changes in Ubuntu 12.10 (Upcoming version of ubuntu)

  • OpenGL performance improvements
  • Unity-Dash Previews
  • Web Apps integration
  • Quick App installation
  • Python 3
  • App specific improvements
  • latest apps such as GIMP, Firefox etc

Want to try Ubuntu 12.10 now ? Get the Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 unless you want to wait for a better experience with stable release.

Features of Mozilla Firefox version 4

Faster JavaScript Engine : JagerMonkey

The Firefox 4 will come with a new and faster JavaScript engine JagerMonkey which is derived from TraceMonkey(The Javascript Engine used in current version of Firefox) and WebKit’s Nitro engine(That is used in Latest version of Safari).

New Visual Look and style

Firefox 4 will look differently than the current versions and it will looks little bit like Google Chrome.Application tab will also look like Google Chrome.

Better Support for HTML 5 and CSS-3

Firefox 4 will have better support for technologies built using HTML 5 and CSS 3 for advanced styling features.

Integrated Developer tool

Firefox 4 will have advanced and much powerful tools for developers to make the debugging more easier and efficient.

New Add On Manager

Management of Add ons will become more comfortable and efficient in the Firefox 4 due to the add on manager,which will come along with the Firefox 4.