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gufw - firewall configuration tool

Firewall for Ubuntu 11.10

Due to increased ‘online security risks’ in past few years, Firewall is a mandatory application/software these days, for everybody. When you’re using Ubuntu 11.10 (or any other Linux based operating system such as Debian, Linux Mint, openSUSE, Fedora etc) then you shouldn’t worry much about security because a packet filtering system called – ‘netfilter‘ is already there (shipped with Linux kernel) by default. iptables provides a complete suite of commands to configure/control each incoming/outgoing packets – thus it provides a highly flexible and powerful firewall solution.

iptables has only command line interface (and it’s not so easy to become a Guru of iptables), which creates some difficulties for newbies who just want to use some basic features of it’s underlying packet filtering system (I mean – netfilter). That’s why there are lot of front end applications available with graphical user interface (GUI) for iptables, and it’s really very helpful for absolute beginners. So this post is written for beginner users – who want to get started with Firewall on Ubuntu. Firewall configuration allows you to configure individual ports, common p2p, allow/block default ports for programs etc.

gufw - firewall configuration tool

In Ubuntu, one such application is installed by default – named as – Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw). So all you need to do is to install its front end. gufw is the front end for ufw, it has very simple GUI with a lot of powerful features and it’s available in official package repository – you can install it in a click – from Ubuntu Software Center or by using a simple command.


Install firewall in Ubuntu (11.10 – Oneiric Ocelot)

To install gui for uncomplicated firewall – fire up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute the command –

sudo apt-get install gufw

That’s all.. now you’re ready to play with the firewall. have Fun!

Warning!  The above application is intended for common users, so if you’re looking for a complete firewall solution for a server (running Ubuntu server edition or some other Linux distro such as CentOS or RedHat or…) then you should consider using iptables instead of ufw.

gufw - firewall configuration tool

firewall for ubuntu 11.04

A Firewall is a program (software) or a device which allows us to set different types of rules for a network i.e how the packets will be treated at different ports ..and it’s very widely used in protecting a computer from unauthorized/unwanted access through a network. Due to an exponential growth in computer related crimes, Firewall is a mandatory application for every computer users.

Ubuntu 11.04 – Natty Narwhal or any other Linux distros is very secure by default as they have built in firewalls running by default. So normal Ubuntu users do not need any firewall (Unlike the windows users do because Windows is insecure by default! , Comodo is an excellent firewall for Windows users) in order to protect themselves from crackers or hackers or cyber criminals.

firewall-configuration for ufw

Advanced or ‘geeky’ Ubuntu users may need (or they just want to do that for learning purposes) to set inbound and outbound traffic rules/policies manually for any ports (I mean virtual or software ports), In that case you just need to use UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall; a frontend of IPtables, which works as an interface to netfilter (Package Filtering System provided by Linux Kernel)) , which is installed by default on all Ubuntu versions, but by default it has only Command Line Interface. So in this post you will learn how to install a front end for UFW, Firewal Configuration (gufw), to manage and configure UFW easily in GUI mode. gufw is a simple (probably the best and fast) firewall configuration software that works! and got 5 star in Ubuntu Software Center ratings. You may need to enable (by check the square box) the universe repository in Synaptic Package Manager -> Settings ->Repositories -> Ubuntu Software .

how to install Firewall Configuration Application – gufw on Ubuntu 11.04

#1 : Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for ‘gufw’.

installing-firewall on Ubuntu 11.04

#2 : Then, click on install button in the search result, and enter your login password if required.

#3 : Now, wait for the installation to complete ..relax it will hardly take a minute..

#4 : That’s All..

Alternative Way – Install gufw from Command Line / Terminal

If you enjoy terminal on Ubuntu then the best way to install is to use terminal/shell (bash). Open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and enter the command(s)  –

sudo apt-get install gufw

Good Firewall for Ubuntu 10.04

good firewall for ubuntu 10.04

Why Need a Firewall?

Network based attack is increasing very rapidily today and installing a good firewall is always recommended(Although installing a firewall doesn’t mean that your computer is full secure ,rather it is just a tool to filter/block unwanted traffic/request and thus helps in protecting the system fr0m internet based hacks).After the fresh installation of ubuntu 10.04 , now lets try to make the system more secure.That’s why a firewall should be installed on ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Lucid Lynx),but the problem is that-there are many firewalls available then how to choose a good one according the need.For Desktop and Laptop users,Firestarter(open source and free of cost) is excellent.More details about the firestarter is given below.

An Open source Firewall with the simple and easy to use graphical interface,so that you can monitor visually.It is totally free of charge and available for linux users.In ubuntu 10.04 it is very smple to install.Just go to software center or synaptic package manager(system->administration) and search for firestarter.Then install it in single click.

Some important Features :
1. It is Open source and available free of cost.
2. It is very user friendly(Simple graphical user interface).
3. You can easily defined inbound and outbound access policy.
4. It can also allow you to monitor the intrusion attempts and events in real time.
5. Options for whitelist and blacklist traffic.
6. you can Monitor active connections.
7. you can easily enable the port forwarding in LAN.

Fore More Details on Features

Download Firestarter