good firewall for ubuntu 10.04

Why Need a Firewall?

Network based attack is increasing very rapidily today and installing a good firewall is always recommended(Although installing a firewall doesn’t mean that your computer is full secure ,rather it is just a tool to filter/block unwanted traffic/request and thus helps in protecting the system fr0m internet based hacks).After the fresh installation of ubuntu 10.04 , now lets try to make the system more secure.That’s why a firewall should be installed on ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Lucid Lynx),but the problem is that-there are many firewalls available then how to choose a good one according the need.For Desktop and Laptop users,Firestarter(open source and free of cost) is excellent.More details about the firestarter is given below.

An Open source Firewall with the simple and easy to use graphical interface,so that you can monitor visually.It is totally free of charge and available for linux users.In ubuntu 10.04 it is very smple to install.Just go to software center or synaptic package manager(system->administration) and search for firestarter.Then install it in single click.

Some important Features :
1. It is Open source and available free of cost.
2. It is very user friendly(Simple graphical user interface).
3. You can easily defined inbound and outbound access policy.
4. It can also allow you to monitor the intrusion attempts and events in real time.
5. Options for whitelist and blacklist traffic.
6. you can Monitor active connections.
7. you can easily enable the port forwarding in LAN.

Fore More Details on Features

Download Firestarter

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