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network analyzer-wireshark for ubuntu

how to install wireshark on ubuntu 10.04

Wireshark : Hacking Tool for Ubuntu 10.04

Wireshark is one of the most widely used network packet analyzer to capture the network packets and help you in analyzing those packets by providing as much details as possible.It is an Open Source software and available free for all major platforms.Wireshark is specially used by network administrators to troubleshoot network problems and ethical hackers use it to test security loopholes in the network.Wireshark is also helpful for beginners who want to know more about the internal implementation details about the network protocols and packets.

network analyzer-wireshark for ubuntu

Installing Wireshark on Ubuntu 10.04 for network analysis

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager from System->Administration->SPM.

2. Now,search for “wireshark“(excluding double quotation mark).

3. Then,check the box that indicate wireshark – network traffic analyzer GTK+ version and mark the additional required package too.

install wireshark network analyzer on ubuntu

4. Next,click on Apply to begin the download and installation procedures.It will finish within few minutes.

5. you have installed Wireshark successfully on your ubuntu computer.To access it go to Applications->Internet->Wireshark.

simple backup config for ubuntu 10.04

backup software for Ubuntu 10.04

Backup solutions for Ubuntu users

Backup is very useful in any event related to data loss or in disaster recovery.So this post is aimed to introduce you with a great backup software “Simple backup Config” which contains necessary backup daemon software and GNOME GUI on Ubuntu 10.04.

simple backup config for ubuntu 10.04

Simple Backup Config : backup tool for ubuntu 10.04

It is a powerful,free and open source tool for backup in ubuntu 10.04 and for some other Linux based system.This was developed in 2005 by Google Summer of Code program.It has simple and easy to use graphical interface.You can easily schedule regular backup so simple backup config is a recommended software for desktop users.You can install it very easily within few clicks from Ubuntu software center or Synaptic Package Manager.

How to install Simple Backup Config on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center(Applications->) and search for “backup“(excluding double quote).

installing simple backup config on ubuntu 10.04

2. Now click on Install-Free.

3. Installation will begin automatically after when the downloading process will finish ..and it will hardly take few minutes.

4.That’s All..installation is completed…(You can also use Synaptic Package Manager to install simple backup config; first mark the box corresponding to the software and then click on apply to install).You can access it from System->Administration->Simple Backup Config.

buy dvd player from amazon.com

Create video DVD for home dvd player in Ubuntu 10.04

For creating dvd for home dvd player you can use DeVeDe ,a simple application specially designed for creating Video DVDs supported by home dvd players.

Features of DeVeDe

  • no limitation on number of video files
  • any formats supported by Mplayer
  • you can create subtitles
  • it allow you to create menus

buy dvd player from amazon.com

How to install DeveDe on Ubuntu 10.04

On Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it from Ubuntu Software Center.Open Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and search for “devede” then click on install to begin the installation procedure.Within few minutes the installation will complete and you can find it in Applications->Sound and Video->DeVeDe.

cd burning software for ubuntu 10.04

CD-DVD Burning Application for Ubuntu 10.04

cd burning software for ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 comes with a default CD and DVD burning application – Brasero,which is best for creating and copying CDs and DVDs.If it is not installed then you can install it from Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager.


Brasero is an open source application and available free;It is very simple to use with nice GUI.It can be used to create audio,video or data CDs and DVDs.It has a lot of features and one important point is that you can increase its features and functionalities by using plugins such as support for encrypted DVDs and CDs can be added by installing libdvdcss2.

Create CDs and DVDs for home DVD player :

You may like to use DeVeDe for creating dvds or cds for simple dvd player.
CDs and DVDs for home DVD player

how to program in java on ubuntu 10.04

Java Programming on Ubuntu 10.04

Java is multi platform programming language.It uses JDK(includes jre) to create a class file from the source code and then the generated class file can be run on any computer by using Java Virtual Machine(JVM).So to write and execute java programs Java Development Kit(JDK) must be installed on the computer.

Installing JRE /JDK on Ubuntu 10.04 for java programming
If you have not installed the JDK yet, then first install jdk on ubuntu 10.04 and then return to this page.
When you have installed JDK successfully on ubuntu ,then you will be able to write and execute jav programs.Follow these simple steps to write and execute your first java program on ubuntu 10.04 –

How to compile and run java program on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Gedit OR Write click on Desktop and select Create Documents->Empty File.

2. Write this simple java code to test..

// A program to print some text.
public class Welcome
// main method begins execution of Java application
public static void main( String[] args )
System.out.println("Hello World!");
System.out.println("Welcome to Java Programming! on Ubuntu 10.04");

} // method main ends here
} // end of the class Welcome

3. Save it as “Welcome.java” on your Desktop(or in any other directory).
4. Now compile this java program to create the class file by using this command on terminal(CTRL+ALT+T).

$ javac Welcome.java

5. Now you will notice a class file “Welcome.class” on your Desktop.Now JVM will execute this code through the command given below –

$ java Welcome

6. Then the java Program will be execute by jvm and you will see the following output.
Hello World!
Welcome to Java Programming! on Ubuntu 10.04

how to program in java on ubuntu 10.04