Backup solutions for Ubuntu users

Backup is very useful in any event related to data loss or in disaster recovery.So this post is aimed to introduce you with a great backup software “Simple backup Config” which contains necessary backup daemon software and GNOME GUI on Ubuntu 10.04.

simple backup config for ubuntu 10.04

Simple Backup Config : backup tool for ubuntu 10.04

It is a powerful,free and open source tool for backup in ubuntu 10.04 and for some other Linux based system.This was developed in 2005 by Google Summer of Code program.It has simple and easy to use graphical interface.You can easily schedule regular backup so simple backup config is a recommended software for desktop users.You can install it very easily within few clicks from Ubuntu software center or Synaptic Package Manager.

How to install Simple Backup Config on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center(Applications->) and search for “backup“(excluding double quote).

installing simple backup config on ubuntu 10.04

2. Now click on Install-Free.

3. Installation will begin automatically after when the downloading process will finish ..and it will hardly take few minutes.

4.That’s All..installation is completed…(You can also use Synaptic Package Manager to install simple backup config; first mark the box corresponding to the software and then click on apply to install).You can access it from System->Administration->Simple Backup Config.

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