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Xubuntu 12.10 Released!

Xubuntu 12.10 is out! Xubuntu is a Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that focuses on XFCE desktop environment. Xubuntu is a Ubuntu derivative project, just like Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.

XFCE is lightweight, fast, easy to use and well suitable for those who wants a classic GNOME style desktop environment with traditional layout and minimum fancy stuffs (well, that’s the case with default configuration, you can make it as cooler you want – compiz is there).


Xubuntu 12.10 is based on Ubuntu 12.10, already released today! Xubuntu 12.10 has released with newer version of XFCE Desktop – 4.10, updated docs, artwork, settings manager, new apps (Catfish, Parole etc) and bug fixes etc.


Want to try Now ? Get ISO (32/64 bit)

Download Xubuntu 12.10 ISO

Xfce Desktop

how to install XFCE on ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS comes with Unity desktop by default. Unity (based on GNOME 3) is cool, a lot of new exciting/cool features seems appealing, but you may not it efficient and productive; In that case, you may try some other ones like Gnome Shell or KDE. On the other hand, if you want a lightweight window manager (Desktop) that is simple, efficient (and fast) and easy to use – then XFCE is what you’re looking for.

XFCE works pretty well without the need of much resources (high end graphics performance, unlike Unity or Gnome Shell), it’s fast, efficient and it just works! So if you are bored of those heavy – bloated desktop environments then you must try XFCE. It’s really a good alternative to the Unity and Gnome Shell.

xfce4 screenshot : Ubuntu 12.04

Installing XFCE in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

XFCE 4.8 is the latest stable release in xfce4 series. To install XFCE 4 (along with some default programs of XFCE) in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, open a terminal and execute –

sudo apt-get install xfce4

Now logout from the current session and select XFCE at login prompt. That’s All.


how to install XFCE on Ubuntu 11.04

XFCE is a most popular lightweight desktop environment for Unix like operating systems such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X etc. It is a free and open source software, consumes less resources then other desktops available for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) – such as Gnome 2.*, KDE etc. Xfce desktop comes along with some applications installed by default – e.g Thunar (File Manager), Midori (Web browser), Mousepad (Text Editor); that is very simple to use and provides pretty fast experience without consuming a lot of memory or other resources.

Why should you try XFCE ?

Ubuntu 11.04 uses ‘Unity’ desktop by default but if you are running ubuntu on a older hardware/computer or got tired with the slow performance of other desktops then Xfce is the right desktop for you. Since, Ubuntu has very modular structure you can install as many desktop as you want; it means you don’t need to go for Xbuntu distribution – The Xfce version of Ubuntu, if you are already using Ubuntu or any other flavor of Ubuntu. Xfce 4.8 is the latest stable version available, released in Jan 2011. You can install it either from command line or Synaptic Package Manager, and it works not only for ubuntu but also for other Linux distros such as Linux Mint, Fedora etc.


Installing XFCE Desktop on Ubuntu 11.04

step1 : Open terminal and type (You may need to authenticate yourself by login password):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xfce4

step2 : Wait until the installation is complete. Next, logout from the current session and select Xfce session in login prompt.

step3 : That’s all.. Enjoy XFCE.. if you want to use other desktop then just select it at the login prompt.

how to install xfce in ubuntu 10.04

xfce desktop for ubuntu 10.04

Why would you choose XFCE desktop in ubuntu 10.04? Ubuntu 10.04 has already GNOME latest version with some extra charming themes.That’s right,but you may like to use XFCE over its default desktop GNOME if
1. You are feeling that GNOME is not so fast according to your expectation,then XFCE is good for you because it is a lightweight desktop environment and it is designed for productivity.
2. Your graphics or primary memory is low.Since it is optimized for performance without so much graphics and heavy design,so you can run it with fewer memory or graphics capabilities.
3. You just want some experience with XFCE desktop environment.

How to install XFCE in Ubuntu 10.04
step1 : It can be installed by using synaptic manager or using bash terminal or you can manually download the file fr0m www.xfce.org.Using synaptic manager is the most simple method.Open synaptic package manager(system->administration).Type xfce in search box and mark the box for installing.

step2 : Now click on apply changes.The downloading will be start and after the completion the installation will be automatically start.(It may take 5-10 minutes @512Kb/s)

step3 : After some moments installation will complete successfully.Now log out fr0m the current session,and choose xfce session(options is on the bottom of screen at login prompt) to log in.

step4 : That’s all.Now you can choose whatever desktop you want(GNOME/XFCE/KDE..) at the login prompt and log in to enjoy.