Who is Hacker!

First you should understand the correct meaning of the term because,the term ‘hacker’ is being misused globally from the past 10 years.Initially the term hacker referred to those computer expert (from MIT) e.g Richard Stallman, who did some thing special in the field of computer science in the sense of improvement,those who were ready to learn more about the computers,tried to increase the efficiency of the computer programs.

After some years most kiddies(those who use some hacking tools but don’t know actually they work) also started calling himself as a hacker.The media has also an important role in misusing the term hacker world wide very ignorantly. Hence these days some people uses the term ethical before the term hacker in order to explore the positive sense,although it is not necessary if you know the actual meaning of the term hacker.So the real hacker never delete the others computer files or other negative activities.Hence hack the computers but never do something which can harm to anyone .Always do something which can be beneficial for the security systems or economy or your country or simply for humans.

“Hacking Means Exploring the Limits of What’s Possible” – So if you like to tweak things either just for fun or learning (but not harming some one for personal gain), then you’re a Hacker!

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