swiftfox :Firefox Optimized

Firefox is already one of the fastest browser available but if you are a linux user then there is something more for you.Yeah! There is special optimized compile of firefox that is customized according to the hardware platform(Intel and AMD),you may say it as a faster version of firefox.Its name is     Swiftfox.At this time it is available for linux users only and it is available in a installer format that you can download fr0m its website.You won’t  have             to worry about the plugins or ad ons because it will import every thing fr0m the existing one i.e fr0m the installed version of  firefox.

How to get swiftfox :
Download swiftfox (fr0m its website)

How to install swiftfox in Ubuntu 10.04 :
Very simple!
1.Download Debian package and click open with .deb package installer.
2.After the completion of downloading the installation will begin.
3.Then an option will come like install package(top right corner in window).
4.Click on install package.Installation will complete within few seconds.
5.Access it fr0m Applications->Internet->swiftfox.

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