installing chrome in ubuntu

Google chrome is one of the fastest browser available and its popularity is increasing very fastly.You can also install chromium browser in Ubuntu 10.04 that is available in software center;similar to Google chrome.Although a beta version of Google chrome is also released for Linux(Ubuntu/OpenSUSE and others).For Ubuntu 10.04 it is simple to install using Debian package installer.

Install Chrome in Ubuntu 10.04 :

step1 : Get the Google Chrome fr0m its official website.
Download Google Chrome

step2 : When you accept the TOS(Terms of Service) and downloading will start then open the package with Gdebi Package installer.

how to install google chrome in ubuntu 10.04

step3 : When the software will be downloaded then installation will begin if you click on install package.Next,Installation will complete within few seconds.

step4 : Open it fr0m Applications->Internet->Google Chrome.

step5 : End. Enjoy Surfing with Google Chrome.

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  2. Thank you my friend. I wasnt able to understand that console thing. Was prety usefulf!

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