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Ubuntu 10.04 users who have come from the windows-xp or vista or 7 may be searching for a suitable mail client like Microsoft outlook.In Linux/Ubuntu world there are lot of mail client available in contrast to the outlook.In this post I will try to explore an excellent e-mail client,that is probably the best.Although the evolution,a robust application,is installed as default mail client in ubuntu 10.04.But it is not necessary that every user should stuck to a single application where ,a lot of applications are waiting with some unique features.So you can try different mail clients and after that choose whatever you like.(Don’t forget to do some experiment in linux/Ubuntu;then surely you will enjoy and learn more)

Mozilla Thunderbird : The best Mail Client for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
This is an robust e-mail client developed by Mozilla foundation.Since it is free and open source you can install it on your Ubuntu 10.04 very easily.It has a lot of features like easy mail account setup,tabs,e-mail archiving,folders to manage you e-mails more efficiently.It’s latest version 3.04 has released and you can install it on your system.It is a cross platform mail application i.e you can install it on Ubuntu or other Linux distribution as well as on Windows and MacOS.It’s new version cam with a lot of features and it is very fast and flexible because its functionality can be easily extended through plugins(A lot of plugins are available free on the Internet).It gives a great attention on security i.e you can easily set up encrypted connections with your mail server so that your mail account password and other sensitive information can’t be filtered through sniffing or Man in Middle attack.
Go to its official website for more details on its features

How to install Mozilla Thunderbird in Ubuntu 10.04
Actually the installation is very simple and it will take les than few minutes to complete,in ubuntu 10.04 LTS.There are many ways to install Thunderbird – using command line or By using Ubuntu Software center or by using Synaptic Package Manager.Installing Thunderbird from Ubuntu Software Center is very simple.

1.First,Open Ubuntu Software Center(Application->Ubuntu Software Center).

2.Search for Thunderbird.

3.Click on install.

4.It may ask you to authorise first if so then enter your password(Ubuntu login account) to begin downloading installation process.

5.Wait for the installation to complete.

6.You are done! Now open the Mozilla Thunderbird from Application->Internet->Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News to configure your mail account(s).Enter the required information like mail account ID,password etc.That’s all…

Credit : Mozilla Foundation

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