If you try to install Firefox plugins then you will have to wait for 3 seconds then only you can click on Install Now button i.e It takes three seconds to become active.It may annoy you if you are the users who install plugins frequently.

What is the reason of this 3 sec Delay?

Actually this is for security reasons because it prevents you from clicking automatically without reading for what purpose this plugin stands and whether this is trusted(verified) or not;because some plugins may act like a spyware.If so then your sensitive data(form or login or others) can be compromised very easily through the help of fake or untrusted plugins.So this 3 sec delay will give you a chance to read that what plugin you are going to install and whether it is safe or not.

How to remove this 3 sec installation delay in Firefox

1.Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the address bar(If it ask for security risk..then click on yes I understand security risks).

2.Now,Type “security.dialog_enable_delay” in the Filter Text box.

remove delay while installing firefox extensions

3.Then double click on the value(In the result) field to change.Set it to zero if you want to eliminate delay (or select 2000 for 2 seconds delay or 5000 for 5 sec delay or whatever you want.Unit is millisecond).

eliminate Firefox plugin installation delay

4.That’s all ..now you can close the about:config tab and install the plugins without any delay.

NOTE : Be careful while installing plugins!!

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