There are many Open Source Racing Games available that run very smoothly on Ubuntu 10.04.This post will explain about the best Racing game for Ubuntu 10.04.Some of them are



Speed Dreams

Here torcs is described in details although installation process for Vdrift is also same and speed dream can be downloaded from here.

racing game for ubuntu 10.04


It is a multiplatform Car Racing Game i.e it is available for Linux,MacOSX,FreeBSD and Windows.Torcs is an open source and free game so it can be found in Synaptic Package Manager on ubuntu 10.04.
Requirements : Min 550 MHZ CPU ,128 MB RAM and 32 MB OpenGL 1.3 Compitible Graphics card is recommended.

How to install TORCS in Ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and Search for “torcs” and check the left box in the reusult that says torcs;for installation.It will ask you to install some more dependent programs click ok to select all dependencies.

2. Next,click on Apply to begin the download and installation.It may takes few minutes to hours depending upon your internet speed.

3. That’s All…Now,you can access it from Applications->Games->TORCS.

If  graphics performance of your computer is very poor then you may update your computer – from here..

Buy good Graphics Card for better performance TORCS

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  1. do u know any software downloaders for ubuntu which in which downloads can be stopped or paused? as far as i know synaptic Package Manager can’t do that.

    1. You can pause software download and installation in Ubuntu Software Center.You can also use Firefox Plugin DTA(Down Them All) as a fast and efficient download manager,If you download softwares while surfing…Thanks for comment…

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