ISO image is actually an archive file of an optical disc with ISO 9660 file system(UDF file system is also supported with ISO image),so it is also known as CD image or DVD image or Disc image.ISO image files have an extension of .iso which contains merged files in uncompressed state.By using software or tools you can easily mount the ISO images on your computer.On Ubuntu 10.04 there is one such tool – Gmount-iso.


Gmount-iso is a simple and Light application written in PyGTK and Glade.It is aimed to make the iso image mounting process much easier.Actually it is a front-end application of linux command that is used to mount iso images.The command is

mount -o loop -t iso9660 image_name.iso /mountpoint

gmount-iso image mounting in ubuntu

Install Gmount-iso on Ubuntu

installing gmount on ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center from Applications or Ubuntu Control Center.

2. Then,search for “gmount” and click on install.

3. Wait for installing process to complete,it will take less than a minute.

4. To start mounting iso images open Gmount from Applications->System Tools->Gmount-iso.

Conclusion : Gmount-iso is a very small application with few basic features,for more advanced features you can use Daemon Tools but currently it is available For Microsoft Windows only.

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