Gyachi for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
Gyachi application is a fork from Gyach Enhanced yahoo Client for Linux based operating system.Gyachi is based on yahoo instant messenger protocol.Gyachi’s user interface is based on GTK+ version-2 and it’s aim is to provide all the features that is available in windows yahoo messenger client.It has a lot of features like Voice-chat,nicknames,webcams,avatars,images and many more.

install gyachi-yahoo client for linux |ubuntu 10.04

install Gyachi in ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10

On Ubuntu 10.04 you can either install it from Synaptic Package Manager  after adding the Package address or from command line.Here both the methods are explained choose whatever you like.

Installing Gyachi from Synaptic Package Manager
1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and enter the login password(If asks).

2. Then click on Settings->Repositories->Other Software.

3. Next,click on +Add and enter the following value in box which says APT line
Then,click on +Add Source.

install gyachi from synaptic package manager

4. Next,close the current window and click on Reload button in Synaptic Package Manager.

5. Now,search for gyachi in quick search bar of synaptic package manager;Mark the box for installation(Select the dependencies by clicking on ok if necessary) and click on Apply to install gyachi.Installation will complete within a minute.

Installing Gyachi from Command Line
1. open terminal from Applications->Accessories->Terminal or hit CTRL+ALT+T.

Then Type the following command –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:baudm

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gyachi

Using Gyachi in Ubuntu 10.04
Open Gyachi – improved from Applications->Internet->GYachE Improved.

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  1. Wie geil, endlich funktioniert das!
    Viel suchen, viele verschiedene Wege, die alle nichts taugen.
    Und dann das hier, so einfach und es geht!

  2. aku pake ubuntu 10.10 alpha 3, untuk menginstall gyachi, semua jurus2 di atas sudah aku ikuti, tapi tetap juga tak bisa. Di synaptic package manager, begitu mau install gyachi muncul keterangan sbb; gyachi:
    Depends: libgtkhtml2-0 (>=2.11.1) but it is not installable

    Gimana neh?

  3. Does not work. Loell’s PPA does not have gyachi-data, and this PPA does not have Gyachi. Seems to work fine for everyone else though. Rawr.

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