Google Wave - End of this project

On Wednesday,Aug 4,2010 Google declared(On the Official Blog of Google) to Drop – the Wave Project,A new web application for real time communication(character-by-character live typing, and the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop..) started on May 27,2009.

It was designed to replace the current e-mail,instant messaging and social networking technique by using the next generation of protocol – Wave Protocol.Although Wave protocol is based on XMPP and aimed to replace the current email and messaging protocol.Google wave is written in Java using OpenJDk and for web interface Google Web Toolkit is used.

google wave-dropped

The Google Wave product offered by Google may have met its end,but the protocol(wave) and platform will live on as open-source code.
Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, told a conference in California on August 4,2010 that the user interface is liked by many companies and some features, which would be incorporated into some upcoming Google technologies that is still under development.
The Google Wave’s Website will be maintained up to the end of this year and the concept/technology will be implemented in some other upcoming products..

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