how to speed up ubuntu

Why do you need to speed up Ubuntu 9.10?

Ubuntu 9.10 OR any other version of Linux is faster than windows based operating system e.g boot time,shutdown time and…so on, except in the case when we analyze about program start up time i.e the time it takes to launch an application.
The reason seems little obvious due to the structure and design of Linux based operating system like Ubuntu 9.10.In windows based applications,the most part of the required library(The libraries that must be available for the application to run,called as dependencies) are integrated within *.msi file i.e static linking is used.While in case of Linux based OS,dynamic linking is preferred and all the libraries are shared globally(Instead of windows analogy where all programs have their library attached statically) using the dynamic linking concept.That’s the secret for the small size of Linux based OS.So the application program has to first linked with all the libraries and API’s it results in bigger startup time.The solution of this problem is prelinking.

How to speed up Ubuntu : with prelinking

To reduce program start up time …Prelinking is recommended.Go to this post for more details on how to use prelinking.(It’s applicable for All Linux Based system ..e.g Ubuntu 9.10,10.04,10.10..)

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