Webmin is a web based interface to administrate unix/linux system locally or remotely.You can use any modern web browser e.g firefox to configure and set up user accounts,Apache server,DNS(Domain Name System) like BIND DNS Server,File Sharing permissions,Firewalls,backup configuration,cluster copy files &packages,HTTP Tunnel,VPN,Jabber IM,Linux RAID,MIME Type,Log File Rotation,Scheduled Cron Jobs,bandwidth monitoring …and many other things.So you don’t need to manually edit the unix/linux configuration files e.g /etc/passwd ..and lets you to manage remotely or from console.

install webmin on ubuntu 10.04

Installing Webmin in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

#1. First install these dependencies either from command line(terminal) or package manager.

Type the following command : sudo apt-get install package_name
OR in synaptic package manager search for the package name;mark it and click on apply to install it.

#2. Now,download webmin from the link given below.

Download Webmin

#3. Install it by rightclick->open with Gdebi package Installer(OR just double click on it);then a new window will appear click on Install Package.

OR install it manually by using the command given below-

dpkg  -i   webmin_1.510-2_all.deb

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