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Flock is a social Web Browser based on Mozilla Firefox.So it has support for all the advanced features that you expect from a modern web browser.The Flock is integrated with a lot of social networking websites and blogging tools which means that it’s a dedicated browser for social networking.

Important Features of Flock Web Browser – At a Glance

  • Share Pictures, Text, Audio and Video
  • View and Share Media through the Media Bar
  • Broadcast your activities with FlockCast
  • Activate and Manage Blogs
  • Track Feeds
  • Add ons

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  1. Wel………….Obviously, it’s a very good browser… I’ve ever used…. i prefer using it than Mozilla Firefox……
    coz.. it’s integrated with Twitter & Facebook (Social Websites)…… and special features such as Faster loading websites….. & many more features ……

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