Google Chrome is nothing but a modified version of chromium, an open source web browser.So On Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat you can also install Google Chromium from Software Center but Google Chrome has few extra features so you may want to try that.O.K,this post will explain you how to install Google chrome in Ubuntu 10.10 although it works for other debian based GNU/Linux system too.Google Chrome is the fastest browser on this without any delay ..go to the steps and install Chrome.

Although Ubuntu 10.10 comes with Firefox,installed by Default,the most popular open source browser in the world but it’s loosing it’s popularity due to some reasons.So in the upcoming versions of Ubuntu you may see Google Chrome as Default web browser.Number of features and the users share is also increasing rapidly for Google Chrome.Now,a lot of plugins are also available so that you can add some custom functionality to the browser.


step #1 : Get Google Chrome Debian package(*.deb)

Download the Google Chrome from the link given below.

Download Google Chrome 

step #2 :  Install Google Chrome

After downloading the .deb file from the above link,open the .deb package with Ubuntu software center,then click on install button to begin installation procedure.Wait for the installation to complete.

step #3 : Enjoy Google Chrome

That’s All are Applications->Internet->Google Chrome and enjoy fast browsing with Google Chrome.

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  1. Instead of downloading and install google chrome, you can install Google chormium (stripped version of chrome) from ubuntu software center.

    1. Thanks Sameer, for your valuable comment …you are right but I think google chrome has more advanced features like Video and audio tags, and it’s more better for desktop users because it’s always tested by developers before release Google Chrome is more stable than it’s base i.e Chromium..

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