Top 10 Ubuntu Games

Ubuntu 10.10/11.04 or any other Linux Based systems(such as – Open Suse, Linux Mint, Fedora etc.) has been lagging behind the windows when it comes to Games support. There are mainly two reasons that Linux based os isn’t the favorite platform of Gamers- First,Most of the commercial games are released just for Windows Platform; second the graphics card performance(probably due to the fact that Graphics Card Manufacturers do not release the appropriate drivers for Linux Platform,by the way if they releases proprietary(Closed Source) drivers then there is much possibility of compatibility issues with Linux based operating system).

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The time has changed now,Linux based OS like Ubuntu is now becoming the favorite choice for gaming; mostly,due to availability of a large collection of open source and free games. Some commercial games developers has also concentrated on Ubuntu as their target platform. Nvidia Graphics card provides good performance on Ubuntu.

So, in the end of this post, you will get an overview of some of the best/popular games(open source and commercial).it is not an easy task to select top 10 games from a list, so if you don’t see your favorite game listed here don’t be panic, I’ve prepared the list based on my personal experience(2+ years) in gaming; submit your opinion/idea/recommendation through comments or contact.

Top 10 Ubuntu Games – at a Glance

# 0 : Open Arena

Open Arena is an open source (and free) multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) game based on ioquake3 fork of the id tech 3 engine. it is the free version of quake III arena and it can stand alone so Quake III Arena is not required to play this game.

ubuntu games 1 -open arena

Download and installation instructions

If you are using Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 then download open arena deb and open with ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ (or open with ‘gdebi Package Manager’ in older versions of Ubuntu)to install. Visit the official wiki  page of Open Arena- Installation Details for other Linux Distributions.

# 1 : Torcs

Torcs is a 3D Racing Car Simulation Game based on OpenGL. it is available free for all platforms e.g Linux based OS(e.g Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04),Windows,Mac OS X,BSD; available as an open source has more than 50 cars,20 tracks and 50 opponents available for racing with lot of other features that brings reality during simulation.


Install Torcs on Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04

>> Download the debian package – download torcs debian package

>> Open the *.deb with Ubuntu Software Center ; then click  on install.

# 2 : Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a free multiplayer and multi-platform FPS(First Person Shooter) game similar to Quake III Arena.The motto of the game is ‘Fun Over Realism’ , so the game is very funky,enjoyable and unique.

top ubuntu games 3-urban-terror

Download Urban Terror

# 3 : Tux Racer

Tux Racer is fun and easy to learn  – a 3D racing game(Licensed under GPL and available free to use) suitable for all ages.In this game you need to race through mountains; you will play the role of tux – Linux is available for all common platforms. The primary goal of the game is to slide-down a snow and ice-covered mountain as quickly as possible.


Download Tux Racer

On Ubuntu you can install Extreme Tux Racer(very similar to Tux Racer ) with one simple command(or from Synaptic Package Manager) – Open terminal and enter the command :

$ sudo apt-get install etuxracer

# 4 : Armagetron Advanced

Armagetron Advanced is a 3D game(open source,free and multi-platform), a clone of the movie Tron.This game is based on the light cycle racing which can take only 90 degrees turn(and leaves a solid wall behind the path) and the winner will be the one who will survive till last; without colliding with the walls.The other rule is that the it can’t stopped during the race.


Installing Armagetron on Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04

Open Synaptic Package Manager and search for ‘armagetron advanced’ ; mark the boxes to select the package for installation; Finally click on Apply button to begin installation procedure.Wait for the installation to complete,then you are ready to play the game from Applications->Game menu.

# 5 :  Vega Strike

Vega Strike is is a 3D space simulator is free and open source; available for Linux/Mac/Windows.In vega strike,you can trade,fight and explore the vast universe with a lot of is developed on the top of OpenGL.

ubuntu games -5-vega strike

Download Vega Strike

# 6 : Battle of Wesnoth

it is a free turn based tactical strategy game with high fantasy is a multi platform game.


Download Battle of Wesnoth

# 7 : Nexuiz

Nexuiz is a 3D deathmatch game with very complex and high end graphics is open source and available free.You can play it using local network or Internet.


On Ubuntu you can install it in one click from the ‘Ubuntu Software Center’.

# 8 : Alien Arena

it is a 3D standalone online Deathmatch- FPS game based on Quake II/III is open source and free.


it is also available in Ubuntu Software Center,so ubuntu users can install it from there.

# 9 : Vdrift

Vdrift is an open source and free game which simulates driving with vdrift features.The game is new and all the development goal haven’t been completed but it is still playable.


Ubuntu users can download the debian pckage of vdrift and install it by Right Click ->Open with Ubuntu Software Center and click on Install button.

plus this one (you may already have played this one) =>

# 10 : SuperTuxKart – 3D Kart Racing Game!


It’s my all time favorite game! I love it. Recently, they have launched the new version with lots of new tracks, graphics effect are also lot better now. It’s available there in official repository. So, you can install it from Software center or type the command –

sudo apt-get install supertuxkart

That’s All..If you have any suggestion or opinion then let us know through comments.

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  1. LOL, you might want to know the name of “Battle of Wesnoth” Is actually “The Battle For Wesnoth”. You have a typo there.

  2. May I suggest once again, a skull gun for my hea… Sorry, wrong email.

    Anyway, Supertuxkart is very enjoyable. Nothing is quite as nice in life as shooting explosive muffins at the Elephpant. (Not a huge fan of php.) It’s basically a great mario kart clone.

  3. most these games suck i found way better ones like KAG (king arthurs gold), Powder toy, and DF(dwarf fortress)

  4. 0 A.D. is also a good strategy game. It has excellent graphics and is still under development. A good and better replacement for MS Age of Empires in linux (and also Windows and Mac). The alpha version of the game is the most stable one, for now. 

  5. 0 AD……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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