GNOME vs Unity vs KDE

What is your Favorite Desktop ?


The most Popular Linux Desktop, Latest version : 3.0 (Released on April 6, 2011), Other major version : 2.3. it’s free and open source software, developed by GNOME community, developers around this planet. it’s based on GTK framework. Most of the Popular distros like Fedora, Ubuntu (not in 11.04) etc. uses GNOME as their default Window Manager.


Another Popular Desktop (free and released under LGPL), based on Qt framework.


a new desktop, Developed by Canonical, will be the default desktop for upcoming versions of Ubuntu.

So let’s decide, what’s the best desktop among them and why ( explain it,  through comment(s) ) ??

Which is your Favorite Desktop ??

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  1. I’m a Linux newbie. Is there anywhere I can find a visual comparison of these three desktops? What do they each look like?

  2. Unity and usability – crap crap and crap. Stick it in your pointy ears Canonical! Hate it. Ubuntu have lost a lot forcing unity over gnome!

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