Google Voice search is available now for desktop uses on  – announced today few hours before. so just open your browser and search the world wide web through your voice. The Google Voice Search allows you to search web (using Google Search) through speech input i.e just say something on your microphone and get the instant result.

So, you can enjoy natural voice search in Google Search. Initially Google Voice Search was a tool which was developed to perform query based on call, and of course this features is also available for Mobile Phones. To try Google Voice search, open and click on the Microphone icon in the search bar, and say something on your mic, and wait for the instant result!


Here is the result when I said ‘open source’ . The intelligence level in the voice search doesn’t impressive now because it couldn’t most my words (may be due to the fact that my pronunciation style is not similar to the one, which has been implemented in Google Voice Search); but it would be a good feature if first it detects the user profile – such as English speaking style (American, Australian, Indian …) then detect the voice accordingly (it may be there but I didn’t notice or ..).


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