KDevelop vs 4.2.3 released today! KDevelop is one of the most popular open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment), specifically popular among C/C++ developers. KDevelop is a simple IDE with a lot of features. KDevelop is a KDE based application, available free as an open source software.

KDevelop requires KDE desktop to be installed (version 4.5 or later) on the system. Kdevelop (or any other KDE based Application) is developed using Qt Toolkit. KDevelop has elegant interface, it focuses on simplicity and ease of use, so learning curve is not so steep as compare to Eclipse or Netbeans. If you are a KDE user (Many Linux based OS uses KDE desktop e.g Open Suse, KUbuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc).

Download KDevelop version 4.2.3


KDE 4.2.3 (stable version) has arrived with a lot of improvements and changes. Some of them are specifically related to KDevelop (such as small code cleanup, simplified unit test etc) while some are related to its platform. (Macros Declaration gets appended instead of prepended). Happy 🙂 coding with KDevelop!

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  1. Woohoo, awesome, KDevelop is the best IDE for Linux. I’m only missing java support. For Python I still use Eric, but it would be interesting to see how Python in KDevelop would be.

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