Few minutes before, PHP development team has announced (Official Website of PHP) the new version of PHP i.e PHP 5.3.8 released today! The new version i.e 5.3.8 fixes some major bugs such as related to crypt() (which returns only the salts for MD5) of its predecessor version 5.3.7 (released on Aug 18,2011).

PHP (Personal Home Page or Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular scripting language, originally developed for creating dynamic web pages. It is available as free software, released under PHP license (very similar to GPL). PHP runs on all platform. Most of the web pages uses PHP. The web page you are reading right now uses wordpress CMS, which uses PHP for server side programming.

Download PHP 5.3.8 from its official website.

PHP 5.3.8 released

Why PHP is so popular ?

  • PHP is an dynamic and object oriented scripting language
  • it’s powerful – Facebook, WikiHow, WordPress Powered – Millions of Blogs uses PHP
  • it’s very simple to start/learn, learning curve is not so steep like Java or C/C++
  • it’s a productive language like Ruby
  • it’s very popular and lot of references and tutorials are available freely on the World Wide Web
  • server side programming is Fun with PHP

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