What is askLinux.org ?


askLinux.org is a Q&A type website, for Linux / Open Source users/developers/enthusiasts. The main purpose is to create a knowledge base for Linux/Open Source softwares, where all the data are organized semantically (in a meaningful way) and easily accessible for every one! Since it is a collaborative type website, so it will help new Linux users a lot, in learning/solving simple problems, basically it’s like a platform where a number of people can ask/answer together, share their knowledge and experience.

Launched Date : Aug 26, 2011

Features  at a Glance :

  • it’s free and open for everyone, specially made for Linux beginners!
  • registration is optional (although it hardly takes more than 15 seconds), you can sign in using Facebookor OpenID or yahoo or Google
  • Q&A type websites are mixture of Forums, Blog, Wiki & so many things
  • it’s based on an OSQA [see http://osqa.net for details], written in python (and uses Django Framework)
  • Asking/Answering questions  is fun in Q&A type website


Registration is Open! Let’s come together && Have some fun with Linux/Open Source!!

Update! #1 Sorry! asklinux.org has been suspended due to some reason

Update! #2 – you should check http://sudobits.com (A new technology forum, based on Discourse)

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