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  1. Nice and brief article. I like that. FYI “gksu nautilus” or “gksu thunar” (i personally like thunar), is generally a better commmand than “sudo nautilus” especially if you make a launcher or shortcut. “sudo nautilus” tends to cause errors for some reason. Never really looked into why…….

    1. You’re right, gksudo nautilus or gksu nautilus is good for opening graphical applications in root mode. Thanks 🙂

  2. sudo nautilus! Wow, don’t think it should have been so hard to google and find this, but I’m glad I finally did! Thanks!

  3. Just an example where you NEED root login:
    To move a server to VMWare ESX, you have to create an image of a running machine.
    To do that, VMware wizard need to ave a genuine root privilege access, not a “sudo”.
    Sometimes there is a reason to to something….. sometime is just for fun.
    In any case… is a nice article

  4. just type “sudo root password” enter ,is it din’t work ” root password”
    enter new unix password :type your password

  5. or if you want to start it on grapic mode than use command ” startx” and if your grapic is install it will to grapic if not it will show you a command to write to insall grapic :

  6. Not working… ok i have change password… but after logout and relogin i obtain BLACK SCREEN 🙁

  7. hi i want to block usb drives in my office pls help me to do dis.
    i already try many steps & commands but i am not succeeded in  doing that pls anybody help me

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