Google Chrome version 14.0 is out now. The new (stable) version has arrived with some major bug fixes and changes. Google Chrome has been developed using Rapid Approach (RAD Рcalled as Rapid Application Development), so we are getting new versions very frequently. The latest stable version Chrome 14 is available for download Рso wthere you are using chrome on Windows 7/Xp.. or Linux based os such as Ubuntu or Mac OS X  Lion/Leopard/.

So if you are already using the chrome browser (I think so), then you just need to update it (but I think you may have to do nothing if the update process will be done in background, I’m not sure – but this feature may arrive soon). The official website also got a new look and you will also notice a little change in look of Google Chrome (it’s now gray instead of blue) and aims to provide more faster browsing experience.

Chrome 14 released

Download Google Chrome 14 Now – for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Download Google Chrome (version : 14, stable)

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