Integrated Development Environment or IDE provides a very convenient environment for software development as it automates a lot of boring/complex tasks. Although some programmers do not prefer to use any IDE (specifically ruby programmers – they use TextMate or gedit or other powerful text editors) but java programmers uses IDE in most of the cases because having an IDE makes a lot of jobs much easier. So it means the need of IDE also depends on the type of programming language and the complexity of the project. Since, Java is based on configuration over convention paradigm so an IDE is a must have tool (for Java developers) to automate a lot of tasks, thus it saves a lot of time for coding the actual stuffs.

Ubuntu (latest version 11.10 beta2) has now become the most popular Linux desktop and it has pretty good reputation among programmers – specifically java programmers. Since the eclipse is the best IDE for java – a lot of java programmers uses Ubuntu as their application development platform, so this post will help a beginner java programmer in getting started on Ubuntu with Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is the most popular IDE, not only for java but also for other object oriented programming language such as C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (Aptana plugin is available for Eclipse). Google Android SDK plugin is also available for Eclipse IDE – which makes the Eclipse a lot popular in developing apps for smartphones specifically Android based devices. it has lot of free plugins available to extend the feature as you want.

eclipse for ubuntu 11.10

Install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

Open Terminal (Shortcut : Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute –

sudo apt-get install eclipse

Once you’ve installed the eclipse platform and its dependencies, you can install the required package/plugin for your job.

e.g if you are a java developer then install JDT (Java Development Tools) using the command –

sudo apt-get install eclipse-jdt

for C/C++ programming, install CDT plugin,

sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

or you can just search in Ubuntu Software Center and install it from there.

installing-eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10

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  1. #fcastillo, the canonical repositories are not there, yet.  For 3.7.1 you would have to install from the command-line (which is easy) or, if somebody has a PPA, you would have to add that to your sources list.

  2. Hey Ramesh! – Your contributions with regards install and setup instructions for Ubuntu – Eclipse – JBoss, etc., are VERY well prepared and exceptionally helpful – THANKS for your careful attention to detail and the clear, clean way the tips and additional links are laid out.  NICE JOB!!

  3. how to install j2ee plugin for eclipse. I got just java plugin alone.. i tried with install software menu also but still facing the issue.

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