I’ve been an Ubuntu user from last three years, (although I had tried a lot of other Linux distributions – including Linux Mint, OpenSuse etc, but Ubuntu has been my primary OS). I’ve written this post to collect your experience/thought/opinion related to Ubuntu and Linux Mint (it’s not an Ubuntu vs Linux Mint debate)

In the latest version of Ubuntu – 11.04 and 11.10 (released last month) – a lot of things has changed. Some of the changes seems innovative, exciting and revolutionary but most of the changes are annoying and unnecessary, in fact some design related changes are just different without any advantages over the previous design. Anyway – it’s what I think, if you have some comment about the recent changes in Ubuntu 11.10, Gnome 3 or Unity desktop, then please share your idea through comments.

ubuntu-11-10 with Unity
The frequent version release is another big problem with Ubuntu (in fact a lot of open source projects are the victim of version crap), stable version (which is achieved after a lot of bug fix) becomes outdated with the release of next version, the new and exciting features makes people shift to buggy – latest version and this continues. In other words –

stable version v is released
Initially v is buggy and annoying
Most of the bugs are fixed in next few months
Now v is stable/usable/customized, but soon v+1 is announced with lot of exciting features/changes
We are looking for next version

Linux Mint has been developed from Ubuntu and Debian based but it has some different strategy. It supports Gnome2 as well as KDE and XFCE. In later version(12) it will also supports Gnome 3 but you can still use Gnome 2 if you want – there is no compatibility problem. It focuses on usability and supports the things you expect. It is Linux based operating system, it is free of cost and available as an open source software – so you can customize it as you want. That’s why Linux Mint is now the 2nd most popular Linux distribution among desktop users.


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  1. I’m also a big fan of Ubuntu since last 2.5 years and It’s really nice thing to introduce new innovation like Unity… But leaving the older one (GNOME) completely is according to me the worst thing ubuntu have done according to me …Mint has already overtaken Ubuntu I’ve seen before few days on http://distrowatch.com/ and even today Mint is leading ubuntu…. 
     Of course one can add GNOME, KDE,Xfce on ubuntu externally … but a novice user generally don’t go for that…….:) 

  2. I use Linux Mint…  I have a DP55WG Board, EVGA Graphix card, I5 Processor, and about 8G of Ram, I could not figure out why Ubuntu 11.10 could not stay stable……  problem after problem……  Linux mint has served me well for about the last year or so.  VIVA LA LINUX!!!  No matter what distro you use

  3. I completely agree on the funtionality of the Unity-desktop. Thre’s too much on it, you can as far as I know not get rid of it. Solumion: login with Gnome classic (that’s what I do). I don’t ven remember why I ever updated to Natty. Lucid did it all, and I expect still does. Anyone know an easy way to ‘down’grade without having to reinstall all softs?
    I never heard of Mint. going to do some research soon.

  4. I have used UBUNTU 10.04 for the last year and it worked fairly well…  I HATE the new unity ver.  I switched to MINT 11 and love it..  Most everything just seems to work, without a fight..

  5. I have become a GNULinux user because of Ubuntu. I am using it since Ubuntu 8. But unfortunately the Unity inter-phase is not worth promoting. Now i switched to Mint. I am getting better computing experience.

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