Remmina is a remote desktop client application developed using GTK+.The latest version is 0.9.*. Remmina is a great application for those who want to manage/control computers remotely. It’s an open source software (released under GPL license). It supports a lot of protocols including VNC (Virtual Network Computing), RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), SSH, NX, Telepathy etc.

Remmina has lot of cool features with simple ‘n’ easy to use user interface (full view mode is also supported and if the remote desktop has very high resolution then you can easily access that by scrolling view) with a lot of options to configure your favorite connection profiles. You can connect very quickly to your servers just put the address and start using it in few simple click.

Remmina : Remote desktop client

Install Remmina on Ubuntu 11.10

Remmina project is hosted at In Ubuntu 11.10 it’s already there in Ubuntu Software Center, one of the hottest application (with 100+ five star ratings). Just click on install button and you’re done. Or open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute –

sudo apt-get install remmina

it will automatically select some popular plugin to support protocols such as VNC, RDP, SSH. You just authenticate (enter your login password) and hit [y].

If it’s already not there in Ubuntu’s package repository, then first execute these commands –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:llyzs/ppa
sudo apt-get update

That’s All.. now you can easily control your Home Planet’s computers. 🙂

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  1. Sadly never been able to get it to work.  Before giving up and uninstalling I found out it didn’t like my Keyboard layout (i.e South African).  Pity it hasn’t been updated for a while as I would really like to see why Canonical  is considering it as the default Ubuntu 12.04 Remote Desktop Software.

  2. This is actually just what I’ve been looking for. Very easy to SSH tunnel into VNC. Freezes occasionally but I look forward to more updates.

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