Ubuntu 11.10 is based on Gnome 3 – both Unity and Gnome Shell interface works on the top of Gnome3 in 11.10 (it was not the case in earlier version such as 11.04 – that’s why Unity and Gnome shell were not compatible, anyway it’s not a problem anymore). By default Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Unity but you can install gnome shell in Ubuntu 11.10 if you want (probably you were waiting for Gnome Shell or may be because you don’t like Unity). So this post is all about some cool GTK 3 themes and of course Gnome shell themes.

Ubuntu 10.04 was a LTS(Long Term Support) release, with Gnome 2 desktop. According to my experience, it was almost a perfect, cool and solid Linux desktop. Currently, I’m using it along with the newer version of Ubuntu. Macbuntu theme is the most popular theme, for 10.04 (as well as 10.10).

Macbuntu Theme

Gnome 2.* themes

Gnome 2.3 is probably the most popular, solid and stable Linux desktop. The user base has declined after Gnome Shell or Unity but it’s still the most popular among some user specially those who uses LTS version of Ubuntu such as 10.04. I’ve covered a lot of posts about Gnome 2 themes so you are requested to refer to that posts –

My Al time favorite Themes : http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/02/03/top-10-ubuntu-themes/

Recommended Cool Themes : http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/04/09/cool-ubuntu-themes/

Gnome 3 ‘n’ Gnome Shell Themes

Gnome 3 is the latest cool desktop – which has been designed in a different way. Some of the users like it while others hate it but any way, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and Fedora has adapted it. Currently you may feel annoying due to some funky bugs but it may become very popular at-least on small devices. As a desktop users, Now I feel that, Gnome 3/Shell is not so good for productivity as it supposed to be. Some Cool GTK 3.0 Themes that you must try –




KDE Themes

KDE is the third most popular desktop. It has lot of users and developers working on it – so it is very easy to get new cool themes for your desktop.


Special Recommendation :

Mac OS X Themes for Ubuntu, to get the cool look of Mac on Ubuntu.






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  1. I’ve used a Mac once in my life.  While I am a Ubuntu user, I must say, that time using a Mac was a pleasant and enjoyable computing experience.  I jsut felt comfortable and at ease when using it.  With Ubuntu, I feel a slightly bit more uncomfortable.  However, because I am a fan of open-source and Linux, I shall remain a Linux user.  And God help me, in the future once I marry and have kids, they shall be raised in a household that runs on Linux and open-source! 

  2. Hey, Rhamesh Jha, what’s Linux users’ obsessions with themes? Don’t have better things to do, so you think about themes all time? Themes are ridiculous, on Linux, on Windows, on Mac. It’s as bad as people “modding” PCs. I want get work done, don’t need to theme UI anew every day.

  3. Hi Ramesh, What I was expecting from your title was little different. Also, when I made a search for “ubuntu themes for windows 7” you were on the first page. It’d be nice if you post a post on the above relevance.

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