Songbird is a free and open source audio player, available for Mac and Windows. It no longer supports GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, But the songbird project has been forked and imported to GNU/Linux platform (not only that it is also available for Mac OS X and Windows) with the name – Nightingale. So if you were missing songbird on Ubuntu 12.04/11.10 (or older versions or any other GNU/Linux distro such as Linux Mint, Fedora etc) then it’s time to cheer up as Nightingale – The New Songbird has arrived!

Nightingale – Songbird forked for GNU/Linux and other platforms

Nightingale has added some new features and done some significant performance improvements, such as faster search of music and improved user interface. A lot of cool add ons (listen to radio, SHOUTcast Radio or edit lyrics using MLyrics in your right side pane) are available to add some missing features or something else you want to have.


Download and Install Nightingale in Ubuntu 11.10/12.04

On Ubuntu, the easiest way to install a third party application would be using PPA but unfortunately the PPA for Nightingale is not available right but some work is going on, so when the PPA will become available, I’ll update this post accordingly. It means, right now if you want to try it on Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux OS, then Download the Archive and install it (or just run the executable).

Now, Go to Preferences and customize it as you want e.g add some cool add-ons for some extra features, web integration settings, media importer settings etc.


That’s All – now import all your music stuffs and enjoy! 🙂

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