Play Framework – A Web Application Development framework for Java/Scala Programmers with the taste of Ruby on Rails. So you can easily create High performance and scalable web application in a fun way (unlike the java way which is supposed to be sophisticated and fun-less) – much like Rails. So if you are already familiar with Rails then it would be a great advantage for you, additionally, in the new version of Play (i.e Play 2.0) you can code either in Java or Scala.

So Play is recommended for Java programmers who want to be more productive while developing Web Applications, specially those who got stuck in JSP/Servelet box. It’s a whole new world, optimized for the programmers happiness (borrowed from Ruby on Rails). The deployment of Play Applications are now much easier, you can easily deploy our play applications to cloud, the official TODO list tutorial explains well about deploying a simple Play Application to Heroku.


Features of Play Framework

  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Stateless
  • Optimized for resource consumption
  • scalable
  • Reactive Model (Event Driven, non blocking IO)
  • Highly Productive
  • It’s Fun!

Download Play Framework 2.0

Recommended Reading(s)

  • – go to official site for more details about the API, Documentation etc.
  • Scala – Wikipedia page explaining about Scala programming language

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