Are you an absolute beginner who wants to get started with programming or an expert one interested in trying new cool languages – you may find a great one from the top 10 list of programming languages which are popular now (it’s based on a recent Hacker News Poll about the favorite programming language, a couple of days ago). e.g if you’re new to programming – Python would be a great to begin with, on the other hand if you’re bored with imperative languages like C, Java etc then try something different – such as Haskell.

Some of the new programming languages has gained a lot of popularity – Scala, Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, CoffeeScript (similar to JavaScript, good for ruby programmer who want to write JavaScript in ruby way); specially the function programming languages like Haskell(appears in top 10). Scripting languages are on top, Python (1st) and Ruby(2nd) became more popular (while PHP and Perl seems to be loosing its popularity, although it’s a different fact that PHP has most of the share in server side language).

Most popular-programming-languages

Top 10 Programming Languages (in the order of Decreasing popularity)

  1. Python (Most Popular)    :   3026 points
  2. Ruby   :   1697 points
  3. JavaScript    :   1385 points
  4. C    :   959 points
  5. C#    :   814 points
  6. PHP    :    647 points
  7. Java   :   544 points
  8. C++    :   526 points
  9. Haskell   :   510 points
  10. Closure   :   449 points

Data Source – Hacker News Poll about the favorite programming languages, although there was more than just the 10 programming languages but I’ve shorted the list to top 10. Points are basically the thumbs up vote or +1 or like.

Credit : Hacker News Poll

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